Rural Quebecers to receive $290M in funding for broadband internet

This is the single greatest Connect to Innovate investment so far


  • basesloadedwalk

    Paid for you by the other provinces contribution to transfer payments.

    • Bill___A

      This is actually a good use of money.

    • Brad Fortin

      Quebec will be investing $105 million, while the federal government — as per the Connect to Innovate program — will be investing $87 million. An additional $98 million is being pooled together from private companies and donors, according to a November 20th media release.

      The majority of the money is coming from within the province and from private donors. Less than a third is coming from the federal government. Even then, other provinces are also receiving these kinds of investments.

  • Bill___A

    Let’s make sure it is good quality low latency fiber connections and not satellite so that people can really properly use the net for years to come.

  • MoYeung

    “Approximately 100,000 Quebecers across 360 remote and rural communities”

    360 communities?

    • Bill___A

      Yes, that would be why they need extra funding to get it done.

  • venelinn

    So, The Governments of Quebec and Canada will invest this money and right after that Bell will claim that this is their network :). Then will increase the price saying “We invest a lot, now pay!” Robbers !