Here are Canadian carriers’ 2017 Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals


  • Jon Duke

    Very disappointed in Vidéotron. They made some phones 0$ but they raised the monthly used to be 66-77-88 and 99. They switched to 66.95, 77.95 etc. They then took out 2gb from each plans and wrote +2gb at the end as if you get something extra. The final point is you pay 77.95$ for 7gb for black friday instead of 77$ for 7gb. So the promo is basically, “you pay us .95$ more a month”!!!

    • Orage42

      Seriously I don’t know who they’re trying to fool..

    • It’s Me

      “Bend over, we have some Black Friday deals you’ll love”

  • Anonymous Agent

    That’s not real black Friday sales. These carriers need to learn what real sales are. Taking a discount on a contract is not a real sale. A real sale is a discount on the outright prices that’s a real sale. Cause let’s face it with contracts the device should be $0 anyway cause the carriers monthly plans are already insanely high so all contract devices should be $0 anyway to make these very high monthly plan prices worth paying those ridiculously high prices. If there is no discount on the outright price then it’s not a real sale.

    • Surveillance

      People are gobbling up they’re products and services anyway. Until their wells dry up, you won’t see anything exiting from them

    • Adderbox76

      Can the money you save be spent on commas please.

  • Aceclutch

    I hope Public Mobile has a $40 4gb so fido and virgin are forced to match

    • It’s Me

      Hoping for better this year, maybe $50 for 6GB, like they all have for Quebec all year.

  • Lloyd Willett

    Hoping that Koodo has a deal like $40 4gb and not just for the 24 months if i see virgin has a better deal i will switch over to them to bad i been with Koodo for a few years now i tried to switch over to there $35 1gb plan with 2gb extra 2gbs for 24 months no go

    • Mohamed Abdourahman

      I hope so to. And not just for new activations.

    • Sebastien

      Koodo black friday deals are online, but there is nothing exciting about plans. Only a few discounts on devices.

  • Stefan Rees

    They ALL do this. Jesus.

  • Stefan Rees

    I upgraded both my lines last week to the newest pixels, I guess i’m returning them tomorrow for those Google Homes.

  • jon

    Paying 0$ for a $1000 phone like Pixel 2 is nice but also sucks if you break it cause you now owe $1000 for a phone you no longer have, KInda ok that i paid $200 takes some of the sting away if i break it, and im glad i didn;t wait for Pixel 2XL cause doesnt look like its going to be onsale

  • CoryB

    You should include the Best Buy and Costco mobile deals that have already been posted on the Mobile Syrup website.

    On the Rogers side it looks like both the S8 Plus and Note 8 are discounted from their usual prices as well about the same amount as the S8 from its usual price point.

    In addition to Bell, BellMTS is still running as an independent operation on the wireless side and will be putting up its Black Friday deals Nov 23. I suspect that will essentially be copies of what the parent corp is offering.

  • Poda

    All I see is the stone age darkness…

  • Aceclutch

    Public Mobile?

  • kendramartin

    A correction: Koodo’s deal for the LG G6 is $100 on Tab Medium, $0 on Tab Large. The LG Q6 is $0 on Tab Medium with bonus gift. Wonder what the bonus gifts are?

  • Doug_M

    Along with the 2GB bonus data for 24 months ($55 and up plans), Koodo is offering a $10 per month discount for 12 months on BYOD plans. So the $55 BYOD plan is $45 and 3gb of data. QC, SK and MB are cheaper of course.

  • The Blade

    S8+/64GB/Black version at Bell is also $0

  • Freedom_isnt

    I haven’t been able to confirm the Note 8 @ $0 through Telus; can anyone provide support to backup this claim?

  • Sebastien

    I have just noticed that the essential phone is now available with Koodo at 0$ with medium balance.

    Since I prefer stock android experience, I was wondering if I should replace my Moto Z Play with this?

  • Azreik

    I got the Sony Xperia XZ1 (Bell) at wirelesswave for $0 on premium plan (not Plus). I was able to keep my old premium plan too. Bell also has it on $0 for both premium and premium plus.