CRTC says it’s considering Rogers’ request to delay wireless code revision


  • Leif Shantz

    It seems like no matter how many times CRTC changes it’s CEO/President, they’re in bed with the Big Three.

  • Ricky Bobby

    That’s very kind of Ian Scott and the CRTC. Also very generous of Bell to support Rogers decision. Rogers can take all the time they need to nickel and dime Canadians with their next political cell phone plan pricing next month.

    So happy that the CRTC and Robellus are getting along just fine too. No collusion here

  • Ernie

    What a crock. They had plenty of time to get their systems ready for the changes. How about the CRTC compromise with their request and say. You can’t have 5 months. But will give you till January 1st 2018. Case closed.

  • Just Jess

    No Rogers, no extensions. The CRTC better not approve the request, they’ve had plenty of time to bring in changes.

  • FTR_Part_deux

    I’d like to request from Rogers on delaying to pay them my monthly bill. 😛

  • Shoey5

    Guess they are still trying to come up with some new ways to F over their customers…

  • It’s Me

    Rogers: We’d like a little more time to screw customers.
    CRTC: sounds good.

  • Just in time for the holiday rush. Pretty smart Rogers.

  • CanadaNeedsCompetition

    This cronyism will only stop when the CRTC stops appointing Chairperson and CEO and other senior positions from the very companies they are supposed to oversee. Robellus. Sadly only in Canada… Seriously! How dumb are we as Canadians to accept this?

  • Jason

    Being in IT I can understand wanting a bigger windows for the change, they didn’t exactly give a big one. However they don’t need 6 months for a small programming update, I could see December 31st being fair.