New Rogers 12-month promo offers Ignite Gigabit internet for $75


  • Craig Cook

    I received this promo as a current customer simply by messaging them on FB Messenger

  • Canadiana Jones

    It always sucks to be an existing customer.

  • Manuel Orellana

    I’d jump on this but it’s only for 12-months, then I have to argue with them afterwards to keep it and I’m actually happy with Teksavvy and their customer service, looks enticing but 100MBPS is enough for what I use, I don’t think I’d gain anything multiplying my speed by 10x.

  • Dimitri

    My parents have the Gigabyte internet, modem, 2 4K PVR boxes, Popular package including Some extra changes ( 5 of them), home phone with 3 outlets and smart home ( 2 camera’s, 5 door / window sensors, 2 touchscreen door locks, Zen thermostat, water monitor, carbon dioxide monitor, smoke and fire monitor and 2 light bulbs which is their highest package) for $269 a month plus taxes

    If you call in and speak to a manager and or the OOP they can offer you better deals. You just need to push them.

  • mrideas

    I moved into a new condo in Guelph and they offered the same with home phone the tv package and PVR and extra digital box for less than $150 tax in. However other than the day they installed it when I got upwards of 480 mb I have yet to get more than 200-220 mb speeds since in fact it actually averages more like 120-150. The upload is consistently thought in the low 30’s. I’ve never got the 1Gb advertised nor the 100 MB upload speeds. Seems the marketing is a lot better than the actual reality.

  • compared to what I have. I would use it if it were in alberta. telus give us only 25 down and 5 up in athabasca alberta at a max. some parts 3 mbps down or less