Beck Taxi against Lyft in Canada due to Uber sexual assault allegations


  • Beck.
    They struggled against Uber, because Uber went against the status quo, and Beck has done absolutely nothing to improve themselves, or even enter the 21st century.

    With any luck, ridesharing like Uber and Lyft will soon become the normal, while Beck (and other taxis) are relegated to the “ugh, if I have to use it” category.

    • Kitsilano69852


    • Riley Freeman

      ill disagree, beck was the first taxi company that had an app (at least to the best of my knowledge) so i will say they are in the 21st century and they have done something.

      i still dislike taxis but i will give them that

    • Fair, I will also give them that.

      On the flipside, have you used the app? It was garbage for the longest time, and only received an update that made it somewhat competent once Uber came.

      Being first to something doesn’t always mean anything.

    • Riley Freeman

      i drive uber on the side sometimes so im not on beck’s side im simply saying you cant say they have done NOTHING. They have done something might not be great but they did something lol

  • Kitsilano69852

    response, Southern asked, “So there’s never been a sexual assault involving
    Beck’s or another company’s driver?”

    Not true.

    I was sexually assaulted by a Beck taxi driver in 2014. Reported it to Toronto Police. The police did nothing.

    Beck Taxi can’t be trusted.

    Uber and Lyft are welcome anywhere in Canada. Time for taxi companies to disappear from market. A free market is the best.

    • Marshall Davidson

      Here here. Hubbard is just worried her golden egg is about to go rotten with Beck Taxi. As far as I’m concerned that outfit could go tïts up tomorrow and I’d care less.

    • Jordan

      Exactly. I think it’s ridiculous she mentions that Uber has caused more opportunity for sexual assault to happen when that’s the same as saying more crime happens when a city grows.. I think we can all agree that’s pretty obvious..

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    I honestly find nothing attractive about cabs. Expensive, old school and out of sync with 2017.

    I’m already at the point where a cab is my last choice.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    Get over it Taxi Drivers Your too expensive over-regulated
    Times has changes Glad lift is coming it push Prices down even more

  • Dimitri

    Why hasn’t she responded to the amount of taxi drivers involved I’m thefts using debit / CC systems n their cars. Oh how about the taxi drivers which cut others off to make turns and speed?.. Wait she won’t because she doesn’t want too. When she is publicly pushed she will then.

    There has been videos of her drivers speeding, making turns without the signal lights going off, taxi drivers stopping dead in and almost causing accidents and more. So how about that? Why won’t the media ask her any of those questions.

    She is a bimbo. She is making everyone look bad but her selfs and Beck taxi. How about looking at your drivers first then talk about the other services…

    • Riley Freeman

      calling her a bimbo is excessive and really has nothing to do with this topic at all. i disagree with her but your name calling is quite out of line.

    • Dimitri

      You might not like it She deserves it to be called that. I’m not one to name call but this time I am. When she is protecting her own drivers which have caused more issues then Uber she doesn’t bat a eye. When uber had issues she cries that Uber is bad and how her drivers are losing money. She sent emails out to the ones showing her the driver which almost caused a huge accident back in the summer claiming she can’t do anything and she will try and speak to that driver. Can’t? Yes right. More let she is lazy.

      Then when she is asked about that she switches her views and changes the topic. She is nothing but a sweet talker to make everyone believer but not many do.

    • Riley Freeman

      i am not defending her but those type of comments are part of the problem between men and women and how women are treated. Say she sucks at her job or shes a liar etc but a term that most would consider sexist is not the right way to go about it. just my opinion. again i drive for uber so i am def not on her side

    • Dimitri

      That’s true but to each their own. My female coworkers have called that too. Actually speaking one of them read this comment and laughed because most females call eachother that name.. It’s 2017…. Stop getting so hurt over a word.

      In the end she should realize she should take care of her own business instead of worrying about others.

  • Riley Freeman

    her response to someone asking if it has happened with a beck taxi is ridiculous. You’re worried about it increasing the chances? Focus on your own house before you start meddling in others.