Some iPhone X units suffer from crackling speakers at high volumes


  • It’s Me

    Time to start compiling a list?

  • Warren Chang

    When is Cook going to tell people they’re playing the music wrong?

    • It’s Me

      When that joke gets old?

    • FlamesFan89

      So wait, does that mean the joke will never get old because Cook isn’t likely to say that? or does that mean that Cook will be saying soon, because the joke is old?

    • It’s Me

      You tell me.

    • FlamesFan89

      You’re the one that made the comment. I can’t know for sure what was going on in your head, and what you intended.

    • It’s Me


  • Blair Davis

    This definitely effects my phone. But only really noticeable when volume is 80% to max

  • Marshall Davidson

    More proof this is overpriced junk. $1500 for this thing and they don’t even have half decent speakers.