Twitter increases display name length up to 50 characters

50 characters for a name and 280 characters to tweet


Signal the end of Twitter as we know it.

Just days after increasing tweet character limits to 280 characters for all users, U.S.-based microblogging service Twitter has announced that it’s increasing the character limit for display names.

Originally set to a maximum of 20 characters, users can now set display names with a total of 50 characters.

While this might not seem like a consequential change, it’s important to consider the implications of Twitter’s decision to increase its character lengths.

The service was originally designed to piggyback off of carrier text messages, which establish a default of 160 characters per message. Tweets were set to 140 characters and display names were set to 20 characters, meaning that users could maximize all 160 characters if they so chose.

However, smartphones became more prevalent and data plans became more affordable, so Twitter evolved in the process.

As one can imagine, Twitter users have already responded to the display name update with grace and tact and, of course, some humour.