Samsung Galaxy S9 may feature front fingerprint scanner

Samsung Galaxy S8 in hand

Samsung may be looking to return the fingerprint scanner to the front of its flagship device with the Galaxy S9.

A Samsung patent application found by GalaxyClub shows a fingerprint scanner built into a little notch near the bottom of the screen — somewhat like the Essential Phone or iPhone X.

Samsung Galaxy S9 possible design

On the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the fingerprint scanner is located next to the rear camera — a placement MobileSyrup senior editor Patrick O’Rourke found to be strange in his review. He noted that having the scanner in this location caused the occasional smearing of the back camera lens, discouraging him from using the feature altogether.

It’s important to note that this is only a patent — one that was filed in 2016 at that. Samsung may not end up integrating this front fingerprint scanner design into the final Galaxy S9 product.

In any case, the S9 won’t be released until at least 2018, although reports suggest that Samsung may reveal the flagship phone in January.

Back in July, Patrick and MobileSyrup staff writer Dean Daley discussed the pros and cons surrounding the various locations a manufacturer can place a fingerprint scanner on a smartphone.

Where would you prefer the fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S9 to be located? Sound off in the comments.

Via: TechRadar