Canadians are the number one ‘Binge Racers’ in the world, says Netflix


  • Rev0lver

    Canadians also have one of the highest rates of marijuana usage. Coincidence?

  • NoelYEG

    Funny enough, the top 3 provinces are also on average among the highest unemployment rates in Canada…

  • Anonymous Agent

    Well ya of course Newfoundland would be number 1 and new Brunswick being number 2 cause people there tend to have less jobs and not much else to do in these provinces other than having as much time on their hands to binge watch Netflix. These people all they do is fish during the day hours and then have the rest of the day and night to sit around and watch movies and TV shows cause nothing else to do in the middle of no where. Unlike bigger cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton. Calgary. People tend to be very busy with careers and have other entertainment attractions in a larger city.

  • flower_petals

    I have to say my kids have watched full house/fuller house multiple times all seasons. I thought I’d introduce them to it, it’s a wholesome show, but now I hear the theme song, and I’m like not again.

  • Daniel Szilagyi

    Also we generally have crappy TV, so i’d say it’s safe to assume Canadians are really wanting to watch something.
    Europe and Asia have tons of amazing TV content on their own and really don’t need something like Netflix

  • A.Tom

    I probably came pretty close to binge racing Master of None Season 2 (soooo good). Not sure it was within 24 hours but it was done before the end of the weekend.