Google Photos gallery shows off Pixel 2 photography capabilities

Pixel 2 header

At its unveiling of the Pixel 2 last week, Google spent a considerable amount of time hyping up the camera featured in its new pair of smartphones, and with good reason.

Between a new 12-megapixel sensor, the addition of optical image stabilization (OIS) and a year’s worth of software refinements, the Pixel 2 appears set to boast the best camera in a smartphone yet.

Now with a little more than a week from the Pixel 2’s Canadian release date, Isaac Reynolds, a product manager at Google, has uploaded close to 40 photos (as well as a couple of videos) he took with the new smartphone to Google Photos, giving potential a Pixel 2 owners a good sense of what they can expect the upcoming device. Besides uploading them in their original resolution, Reynolds says he did not alter or edit any of the photos or videos.


As a showcase of the Pixel’s camera capabilities, the images are impressive. No matter the context, the photos display little noise, wide dynamic range and excellent detail, all hallmarks of an excellent camera. Also impressive are the portraits Reynolds took, with the bokeh effect being nice and smooth.

We also get a chance to see just how much the addition of hardware stabilization, in conjunction with software stabilization, helps to smooth out video capture.

Of course, just because one buys the Pixel 2 doesn’t mean they’ll be able to replicate the results Reynolds was able to achieve. He obviously has an eye for photography, with a good sense of composition. Moreover, it goes without saying that the gallery was curated to show only the best photos.

Visit the Google Photos link to see the images and videos in their original aspect ratio.

Source: Google Photos Via: 9to5Google