Fido launches MyAccount contest with prizes from Samsung, Google and LG


  • Dimitri


    Many of us that played the Spin to Win with Rogers and had well over 1K in points for the gifts did not get one thing. Many on RFD are even complaining about this. I also noticed that ones that won the Instant Prize option were the ones which played a couple times a day and not every day. So who knows how this one will end up but since Rogers owns them, pretty sure the same path.

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    Skill testing question: How do tell a poorly coded app that no one wants to use? Answer: It’s the one that the provider has to bribe people to use. Just saying…….
    My rule of thumb is the bigger the company usually the worse the app gets. I’ve seen some wonderful apps put out devs working by themselves (with minimal footprint) and then I’ve apps put out by national or multi national companies using teams of coders that want to make you throw your phone in the G can (and they usually take up 35~50 Mb space). I got rid of the FIDO app along time ago, using the website on my phone gets the job done without the bloat and annoyances of the app.