Amazon Canada ramps up online grocery battle, promotes Whole Foods products with deep discounts


  • gommer strike

    how long before it becomes “Amazon Foods”?

    • next fiscal year

  • Ricky Bobby

    $10 for Almond Butter though

  • Aleph Ruehl

    If only Whole Foods would expand into Montréal and give Provigo and Rachelle Béry [IGA] much needed competition in the organic space.

  • Daniel Szilagyi

    none of those prices are really that cheap though, i guess it comes down to a time-money issue but ultimately i can find every single thing there for much less somewhere else and that’s on top of having to pay to be a prime member.

  • Jean Racine

    I dont see any price worth of buying. Us prices are like 99 cents for a can of refried beans and here its 2.49$ or 3$.

  • Those are savings. Inflation is an MF