Google and Huawei sued over Nexus 6P bootloop and battery drain issues


  • Luc Lafreniere

    Yep, I have the sudden phone dies issue yet I have over 20+ % battery life. I’ve tried everything to “calibrate” the phone, factory reset, etc. It happens all the time. Also, according to a battery capacity estimating app after running it for a week, I have less than 60% of its original capacity, which is very disappointing for a phone that is 1.5 years old (based on multiple other phones over many years). It’s very frustrating…

    • Arshad

      I have the exact same issue. During the winter, it’s even worse. My phone shows it has 30% but dies as soon as it hits that. After reading the article that’s the exact same experience I went through where Google said I should reach out to Huawei and Huawei says there is nothing wrong with the phone. I really hope something comes out of this. I would also like to know how I can join this suit because for a phone as Luc stated that’s only 1.5 to 2 years should not behave this way.

    • MoYeung

      Which battery capacity estimating app?

  • David Carrier

    And the Nexus 9 constant freezing having to hard reset mutiple times a day….????????

    • Eluder

      Nexus 9 freezing? Mine has never done that… odd.

  • Andres_Parada

    My 6p right now is a paperweight bootlooped and it’s out of warranty. No one wants to fix it, was forced to pay out my early HUP fee of 230 to get a new phone. What a shame neither of these huge companies want to take responsibility for the thousands of people that have these issues.

    • Bundy

      They wanted $400 to fix mine. I hung up on them.

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  • MoYeung

    After class-action lawsuits against LG G4, G5, V10, V20, and Nexus 5X, and now Nexus 6P…

  • theRKF

    I had the same problem with my 6P, but eventually Huawei replaced the battery even though it was out of warranty.

    Now my wife’s phone is doing the same thing. Time to see if Huawei will fix again, or if the lawsuit will change their response.

    • Kristian De Jesus

      do you mind me asking where exactly you got it fixed. I am currrently experiencing these problems and i Want huawei to do the same but there seems to be no huawei locatin for this device in canada.

    • theRKF

      Contacted Huawei Canada, they use a local 3rd party repair shop.

  • Ozmodiar Flanker

    got my 6P the day it came out, rarely used more than 40-50% of the battery all day

    now it dies at 40% battery remaining which happens every time i have a single extra errand after work, plus it completely crashes and the battery resets to 2% if i try and use google maps

    what a bunch of crap for a $1000 phone

    • neo905

      $1,000? That phone wasn’t that much when it was released?

    • David Clark

      Actually very damn close to $1000 after taxes.

    • neo905

      It started at $700 plus tax which is more like $800, not $1,000.

      $1,000 became a thing on 2016 with our crappy dollar and the iPhone that year.

      In 2017 our dollar is still in the ditch and every flagship carrier phone is $1,000.

    • David Clark

      Yea you are correct still I think mine came to 850 all in inclu

    • Desmond Cronin

      Yeah ‘started’ at $700, how much do you think my 128GB model was after tax? I’d call >$950 pretty close to $1000.

    • neo905

      Ya and the 256GB version of the iPhone 7+ is like $1,500 but nobody is saying iPhone’s cost $1,500 based on their highest configuration. It was hyperbole at best.

      A fully loaded domestic vehicle can cost as much as an entry level German car but it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. You based things on standard configuration​s.

    • Desmond Cronin

      Haha that’s the worst analogy.

      “oh my $30,000 Chevy has all the features of a base A3 which costs the same but they aren’t comparable because my Chevy starts at 18 grand and you only compare standard configurations.”

      “I got the AWD option on my Caddy but I can’t compare it to an A6 which has that standard because you can only compare standard configurations.”

      I see what you’re saying as the only reason mine costs more is storage so the entire rest of the phone is the same as the base model. Using a car analogy was not the best choice as it’s very different and you definitely do not just compare base configurations.

    • neo905

      My point was you can’t take the fully loaded price of a vehicle and say that is the price of the vehicle. Same thing for a phone. Why are people still arguing about this? The phone even in the highest configuration AND taxes still didn’t hit $1,000 and most people got the 32 and in my case the 64GB version.

    • Corey N

      It was $699 Cad and $790(rounded of course) after 13% tax.

    • Ozmodiar Flanker

      with the quartz case and taxes it was $900 – close enough to $1000 lol

    • David Clark

      Same issue here. Bought mine out right expecting to get 3 years out of it. Barely got 16 months.

  • TheCuddlyKoala

    “Flagship phone”

  • My original from the Play Store had battery issues. They replaced it without issue. Now the replacement unit randomly shuts off all the time. It’s out of warranty and Google says they can’t do anything. Three of my co-workers have the 25%-dead issue. Man…it’s so disappointing…this phone was the closest to meeting all my checkboxes, but with the random shutdowns, it makes me long for my M8 GPE.

    • Also, does anyone know of Canadian lawsuit we can add our names to?

    • David Clark

      I wish! I have a 6p. I can’t even sell it because of this issue. It’s so frustrating to buy a piece of hardware that is so great in every other way but has an unreliable battery.

  • Rawrrr

    Mine dies at 60% sometimes. I find that it happens most during cold days, especially when out for a long period of time. Is this the case other people too?

  • David Clark

    If there is a Canadian group starting there own law suit add me to the list. I’m so frustrated with my 6p. I can’t even sell it. I down graded to a ZTE until I can get a Samsung 8.

  • happy2001

    Happens to my Nexus 6P as well, purchased in Nov 2015. Accubattery shows 81% battery health with estimated capacity of 2797mah vs the designed capacity of 3450mah..

    The shutdowns happen once the low battery warning comes on, or using a cpu intensive app when battery is below 30-40%, especially in cold weather. I’ve learned to never let it go below 30%, this should not happen to a 1-2 year old phone..

  • Eluder

    Cheap chinese manufacturing. This is why I stay away from Huawei and even ZTE.

  • Khalil J

    Bought the 6P from the Play Store Nov 2015. Worked like a charm until Nov 2016 when would have shutdowns with 30%+ battery left, especially when cold. Like you couldn’t even take it out of your pocket and put it in the center console of your car when driving, otherwise gonzo. Called Google, they sent me a replacement that… works beautifully. No such issues with battery or shut downs at all. Went through the rest of a freezing cold winter in Alberta without a hiccup. Maybe I’m one of the lucky ones. I understand what people are going through, it’s tough when you lose confidence in your phone to make it through the day or at night etc.

  • Ryan C

    Been struggling with this for many months now. Just called google support on it yesterday, as the last couple of weeks have been terrible. They tried pushing me off to Huawei(understandable as I bought my 6P through a carrier). Yet to try and contact Huawei and see what kind of run around I get from them.

    • Same. Trying to get in touch with Huawei, but it’s not easy.

    • Ryan C

      I got in touch with Huawei support easy enough. Only option. Was to send in phone for “repair”. Still mulling that option over.

  • Asher

    Sadly I am since I updated to nougat.

  • Yeah… really hard spot to be in. Could always get the battery replaced or flash back to marshmallow. Beauty of having a Nexus is software flexibility.

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