OnePlus may launch a special edition OnePlus 5


  • stevedion

    How the heck can they upgrade it? What add another 8Gb of Ram? It’s already got the fastest processor available on the market. Unless they come out with another fancy color and 256Gb of space. Maybe a 2K display…

    • Grumpel

      Display upgrade would be tight.

    • Stephen B Morris

      And installed the right way.

  • Homer J. Simpson

    After being burned by the crappy software from OnePlus 2, I’m going to keep saying this for every OnePlus article. F**k OnePlus, I hope the CEO’s get butt cancer.

    • Stephen B Morris

      Butt cancer?! Wow! You must be really angry. I don’t blame you but to wish such a slow and painful death. Geez!

  • Sequoia46.2

    Unicorn colour!