Rogers’ yearly prepaid plan with unlimited text and evening/weekend calls is now $180


  • vn33

    I have the Petro-Canada Mobility plan. Now that Roger’s annual plan works out to be $15/month, as the article stated, the PC-mobility plan is superior. For the same (base) price, you get 100 minutes/month + unlimited text. Mind you, you have to pay $1.95/month for 911 fee

  • Andrew Holt

    Rogers has been on a tear lately increases the prices on everything from their data overage rate, roam like home rate, and now this prepaid rate.

    • Tim

      You’re forgetting the connection fee was raised by $5.

  • KiwiBri

    Rogers.. Providing value to their customers..

    That’s a large increase

  • LifeWulf

    I can’t believe that any carrier still has plans without unlimited texting.

    It costs them now-defunct pennies to handle one user’s SMS traffic, if that. And it’s not like these plans have any data to offset the limited texting.