New, bigger Gear VR is coming to Canada with the Note 8

The new Gear VR is sized to accommodate the Note 8


  • gremlin0007

    Ah FFS! I just got one a years ago for the Note 7 and then bought the wireless remote controller 2 months ago. Now I find out it won’t work with the Note 8 I just pre ordered?!

    • It’s Me

      Maybe they’ll start giving the VR away for free with the Note 8. They did for the S8.

    • gremlin0007

      Samsung’s website, bestbuy and the source have the micro SD card and wireless charging dock as the gift. I don’t see them adding anything else to that.

    • It’s Me


      Maybe as they get deeper into back to school promos.

  • mike m

    so the old will not work??

    • Yorgo82

      Unless if you are looking to cut the phone to make it fit 😉 enjoy it …

      The s8 plus fit tight exact in the older vr. While it fits exactly in the vr2017 launched with the s8 plus.
      Anyway its not worth it i have them both thanks god they came with the phones.