Samsung Pay might be expanding to support Interac and more Canadian banks


  • Mr Dog

    Why can’t everyone just get behind Android Pay.

    • The problem with Android Pay is that like Apple Pay, it requires payment terminals to accept contactless payments compared to Samsung Pay which also works with payment terminals that don’t support contactless payments. Huge advantage there for Samsung Pay. The only problem right now that is that it’s been in early access since last November and is only available to people with certain CIBC credit cards. I’ve been using Samsung Pay since December and I love how I can use it even at places where they don’t accept contactless payments like Walmart. Now only if Samsung could work quickly to roll out expanded bank support.

    • Mr Dog

      Yeah but 95+% of places in Canada, don’t allow you to use Swipe and everyone is switching away from the magnetic strip anyways.

      5 years ago this would have been nice but not anymore. If everyone supported Android pay fully, you would likely be able to get better adoption across the board.

    • Stephen B Morris

      Well Walmart is the big holdout when it comes to NFC terminals and Samsung’s solution supports both so it’s a great option on paper. However like everything else there are caveats.

    • It’s Me

      HomeDepot too, I think.

    • gremlin0007

      Yup, HD also… It’s super annoying

    • Uzair Abbas

      What about when you’re outside of the country and forgot wallet at hotel/stolen etc? At least I can pay taxi or transit through the phone then to reach hotel.

      So why doesn’t just everyone get behind Samsung pay, make It available other phones. Hm?

    • Dion Kerfont

      Samsung Pay works on non-NFC terminals… which is a huge advantage over Android Pay. Using Samsung Pay with mag-stripe isn’t the same as actually swiping your card.

    • Justin

      In Canada you’d be strapped to find a retailer that will let you swipe your debit or credit card these days. And if you can swipe and your card is likely a chip card at the min, you can’t swipe anyways, you’ll get an error to insert the chip. And at merchants that don’t have the tap function, you have to insert the chip. Even in the States where chip technology is available, it is slow adoption. Walmart in the States now I think has rolled out chip technology finally. So the days of magnetic stripe are ending.
      Can anyone tell me where you can use magnetic stripe swipe these days?

      And as for Android Pay, places that accept it far and few. Slow adoption, especially in Canada.

      I’m lucky enough that my credit union actually made its own Android mobile pay app for tap. Now where it’s a pain is where retailers or merchant don’t have the tap technology terminals.

    • I’ve actually used Samsung Pay at a ton of places by holding my phone over the mag stripe reader and it works every time. At least with Samsung Pay, I don’t have to worry about whether or not the shop accepts contactless and more importantly mobile payments. It’s not about whether or not the cashier will let you hold your phone over the mag strip reader to pay as they’ll always say it won’t work to try and dissuade you from using Samsung Pay but it will work. The cashier who says that is just trying to cause a scene. I’ve seen it happen from my experience but I just follow through with Samsung Pay and it works.

    • Justin

      Only thing as is so far with both Samsung Pay and Android Pay, is the need to have the compatible cards that they are partnered with. I guess in due time we shall see what further cards they support.

  • gremlin0007

    too little, too late…

  • par

    This article doesn’t present any facts or evidence to suggest that Samsung Pay is closer to launching with Interac and other banks in Canada. The author refers to a vague statement from Samsung that was provided to Mobile Syrup months ago. Also, there’s reference to the Android Pay launch that doesn’t make sense at the end.

  • EP_2012

    Any updates to this. I have a Note 8 and was looking forward to using Samsung Pay and I’m just finding out it’s not even available… Android pay doesn’t support any of the cards I use.

    • William Cressman Sywyk

      TD doesnt support it because they want you to use thier credit cards with thier apps. TD is being money hungry.