Make your own Super Mario 64 levels with this mod

Super Mario Maker 64

Following the reveal of Mega Maker, a toolkit designed to allow users to design their own Mega Man levels, comes Super Mario 64 Maker, a mod that lets users develop custom Mario 64 stages for the 1997 Nintendo 64 classic.

The mod is developed by Kaze Emanuar, a frequent Super Mario 64 modder who also created a Super Mario Odyssey hat mod for Super Mario 64, just two weeks after the game’s announcement.

Similar to Super Mario Odyssey 64, this mod is ROM hack, which means it alters the original game and is played via a PC-based emulator.

It’s likely that Nintendo’s massive legal machine will eventually catch up with Emanuar’s work, causing the project to be pulled offline. Until then, however, Super Mario Maker 64 — just like the Wii U and 3DS Mario Marker game it borrows its name from — allows users to create their own Super Mario 64 levels, completely with lava, platforms enemies and even textures.

There are, however, a number of relatively elaborate mods already out there for Super Mario 64, so it’s possible this one could fly under Nintendo’s radar.

In other Mario related news, an inventive Mario Maker player designed all of Mario 64’s 3D stages in two dimensions.

Now go forth and build your own Bob-omb Battlefield.

Source: Kaze Emanuar Via: Polygon