Spigen’s Rugged Armor Galaxy S8 case now only $6.39 on Amazon Canada


  • Dimitri

    Got this for the same amount when the pre orders for the case was on before the S8+ was announced. Sadly this case does not work with the Otterbox screen protector but its a amazing case nonetheless!

    • Brad Fortin

      I’ve yet to find a good screen protector + case combo, as most cases seem to be incompatible with most screen protectors, even when both are of the same brand. Oh well, the search continues.

    • Dimitri

      That’s true. The Otterbox Alpha screen protector is garbage as it doesn’t stick on the device at all. Using the commuter case with it only works 80% of the times. The corners left up and case a flaire on the screen protector. It seems that nothing can be done. My first S8+ the screen got scratched so easily so Thankfully Samsung sent me another new one.

    • Canadiana Jones

      This particular case is incompatible even with the most expensive protectors ($60 Whitestone Dome).

    • Dimitri

      So I have read. I rather not use the case without a screen protector. So it’s sitting in the box while I am using the Commuter case with the Alpha screen protector (atleast gives me protection all around)