Samsung reportedly working on standalone VR headset called the Exynos VR III


  • John Lofwire

    Or from a console ( PS4 ) …

  • Knowing Samsung, we will here about this devices advancements for years to come before another company makes the actual product.

    Foldable phones anyone?

    • Smanny

      Umm, you do know they have the Gear VR and now the Gear VR second gen, which was released with the S8. So why wouldn’t they make this version as well? Especially when the have Oculus support.

    • They have the technology to make phones that bend and they even previewed live demos. So why don’t we have those devices?

      Just because they can doesn’t mean they will. They might release after someone else does and there is a market for it. This news could just be a advertisement to let other companies know they have a framework for sale cheaper than the holo lens.

      Who knows, either way, might not happen anytime soon.

  • Smanny

    They should use one SoC to process the all the image tracking for the eyes and hands. Then use the another SoC for all the VR graphics and motion processing.

  • ciderrules

    I just don’t get VR on mobile. To do it properly requires a very powerful GPU (like a GTX1080). Mobile devices just aren’t anywhere near this performance.

  • DonGateley

    Oh, that be ugly.