Samsung reportedly working on standalone VR headset called the Exynos VR III

exynovr III vr headset samsung

Samsung is reportedly working on a new standalone virtual reality (VR) headset. This device would work differently than the Korean company’s current Gear VR headset, as it isn’t powered by a smartphone.

Visual Camp, a VR eye-tracking firm, revealed an early version of Samsung’s standalone VR headset in a recent press release. According to Visual Camp, the company worked on the eye tracking functionality of this new all-in-one headset, dubbed the Exynos VR III. Furthermore, the firm’s prototype currently runs on a 10nm SoC with Mali G71 graphics chip that powers dual WQHD+ displays that run at 90Hz, or 4K at 75Hz.

exynos vr

Additionally, the unreleased VR headset reportedly supports hand tracking, voice recognition and facial recognition. It’s unknown, however, if the Exynos VR III will ever come market considering this appears to be the third prototype version of the device.

Most VR headsets on the market are either powered by a smartphone like Google’s Daydream and Samsung’s Gear VR, or by a high-end gaming PC, like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. If Samsung’s device does ever come to the market, it could end up being one of the first standalone VR headsets.

Source: Visual Camp Via: Pocket-lint