How to watch the OnePlus 5 launch

OnePlus 5

Later today, OnePlus will officially unveil its latest “flagship killer,” the OnePlus 5.

While its newest smartphone has been leaked extensively prior to today’s launch, forcing OnePlus to reveal the device ahead of schedule, the company still has numerous questions to answer. For instance, how much will the OnePlus 5 cost? How much software support will the device receive?

Expect OnePlus to answer those questions and more this afternoon.

OnePlus will livestream the launch of the OP5 on its website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Alternatively, you can also watch the entire unveiling on MobileSyrup through the YouTube embed above. The event starts at 12:00pm EDT (9am PDT). So prepare the popcorn.

In the meantime, check out our detailed guide on what Canadian consumers can expect from the OnePlus 5.