Telus helps Nature Conservancy of Canada with $750,000 tech partnership

HDR photo of Banff National Park

On Wednesday, Telus announced it will commit $750,000 CAD over the next three years as part of a technology and innovation partnership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)

As part of the agreement, Telus will provide the NCC, which spearheads conservation efforts throughout the country, with internet connectivity, data capacity and hardware like smartphones. The goal of the partnership is to help the NCC in its mission to protect close to 3 million acres of natural land in which 75 endangered species live.

According to Telus, conservation efforts in the 21st century depend on large amounts of data to inform how a conservation group goes about its mission. In the video above, the carrier documents how technologies like drones and satellite imaging to inform conservation decisions.

“Our staff are in the field tracking some of Canada’s most endangered species and habitats. They will now be able to snap photos of endangered shorebirds emerging from nests, quickly attach maps, geo-reference the site and send that to our offices, thanks to TELUS,” said Dan Kraus, national conservation biologist with the NCC. “This type of information is crucial to identifying areas in Canada that need protection, monitoring our existing lands and assessing what conservation actions are needed.”

Since 2010, the Vancouver-based carrier has donated more than $1.47 million toward NCC initiatives.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Paul Gorbould.