iOS 11 allows users to save space by deleting rarely used apps while saving their settings and data

an iPhone 7 Plus smartphone

iOS 11 introduces a new feature that anyone that has managed to fill up their iPhone’s storage will be able to appreciate.

The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system allows iPhone and iPad users to delete apps off their device while maintaining any relevant settings and user data. This is ideal for apps that users rarely launch but are afraid to delete out of the fear of losing any data that’s associated with said app.

The feature, called “Offloading” by Apple, was first spotted by Cydia Geeks. It’s found in the “General” section of the settings menu under a subcategory that used to be called “Storage & iCloud Usage.” With iOS 11, that part of iOS’s settings menu is now known as “iPhone Storage” (presumably, it’s called “iPad Storage” on Apple’s line of tablets, though we haven’t had a chance to verify that fact just yet).

“This will free up storage used by the app, but keep its documents and data. Reinstalling the app will place back your data if the app is still available in the App Store,” says Apple in its description of the feature.

By default, toggling Offloading on will your iPhone to decide what apps to delete partially. However, it’s also possible to manually offload app data on a case by case basis.

This feature won’t be useful with every app, as some apps like Facebook already store settings and user data on the cloud. For other apps, however — games, in particular — iPhone and iPad users will be able to delete those apps without losing any vital data.

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