Sony has now sold over one million PlayStation VR units


  • Smanny

    They said by the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018 Samsung will have sold 10 million Gear VR headsets​. The Google’s Daydream already shows a million downloads. Only certain devices are allowed to download and try out Daydream including the Moto Z’s, Pixels, Axon 7, and a few others. Soon the S8’s will be able to run Daydream apps as well.

    • Joseph

      I wouldn’t really call cardboard a true VR experience though it’s more like a small taste and Samsung Gear VR for all it’s worth isn’t that great…..I have a gear vr for my S8+ and I want more video content rather than games and I want to be able to lie in bed and watch movies without having sit straight up…..but that is just me. Microsoft’s cheaper headsets may alleviate that though.

  • 1 million units isn’t that much, especially considering that is only 2-3% of all PS4 owners, and for Gear VR’s 5 million units, that’s probably including since it first launched in November 2015 and a lot of the headsets are given free with Samsung phones, when they launch, so that’s got to count for something

  • Brad Fortin

    While PS VR has outsold both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, it still lags behind Samsung’s Gear VR, which so far has shipped nearly 5 million units.

    I’d say that’s especially impressive given that the PS VR is more expensive than the console it connects to while the Gear VR is often free or heavily discounted with the purchase of a Galaxy S device.