Alleged Surface mobile device leak reveals a smartphone with built-in projector and stylus

Microsoft Lumia 950 device

Rumours of Microsoft working on another smartphone with the ‘Surface’ branding have been circulating around for several years. However, today, it appears a leak might have actually surfaced online.

An accidental upload from a Microsoft-related social channel in China appears to have leaked information about a Surface mobile device. Although the video was quickly deleted by Microsoft’s ‘Bilibili‘ account, several websites were able to archive it before it disappeared.

The description text for the video, translated by Google, reads as follows:

“This is not just a handheld terminal. Based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile platform, the perfect balance of performance and power consumption, and the added power to increase productivity; the new “ONTO TABLE” projection Continuum function, sustainable for more than an hour of desktop work; 185 degrees, providing a comfortable experience; equipped with exclusive Surface Pen, a key to call out OneNote, easy notes into. The new Surface peking and Surface Slavonia, not only a handheld terminal, it is a portable work platform.”

Deciphering the description would lead one to believe that there will be two Surface mobile devices, codenamed Surface “Peking” and “Slavonia.” Beijing was once romanised as Peking. Slavonia, meanwhile, is a region inside of Croatia.

Microsoft labels the Surface Phone as “not just a handheld terminal” but a “portable work platform,” suggesting the company expects users to utilize the device for work purposes. Additionally, the description mentions the phone features the “perfect balance of performance and power consumption, and added power to increase productivity,” signifying a flagship chipset like the powerful Snapdragon 835 that’s featured in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Essential Phone.

Furthermore, the description mentions a “new ‘ONTO TABLE’ projection Continuum function, sustainable for more than an hour of desktop work.” Continuum is a Windows 10 feature that, similar to Samsung’s DeX Station, allows users to operate their smartphone in a desktop-like operating environment when they connect their device to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. ONTO TABLE projection sounds like a version of Continuum that would allow the Surface Phone to project a Windows 10 interface onto a surface, allowing the smartphone to work like a desktop PC in short bursts. It appears the device will also have a stand to prop the smartphone up while it’s in projection mode.

Lastly, the description mentions an exclusive pen that will work with OneNote. Taking out the stylus will most likely activate OneNote.

As with all leaks, it’s important to take this one with a healthy amount of skepticism. It’s possible we’ll never see a device like the one detailed above come to market.

Source ITHome, via WinCentral