Nintendo plans to further increase Switch production ahead of 2017 holiday season

Nintendo Switch stock

Nintendo plans to further increase production of its popular Switch portable-home console hybrid, according to The Financial Times.

Moving toward the 2017 holiday season, the company will manufacture 18 million Switch units, says The Financial Times. Previously, the Wall Street Journal reported that Nintendo had planned to increase production to 16 million units following the console’s successful launch. Citing the fear of “customer tantrums,” the company now plans to further increase manufacturing output.

Since the company launched this past March, Nintendo has maintained that it only intends to manufacture 10 million units of the console in 2017, a fact that’s corroborated by The Financial Times. Nintendo “denied that it had plans to boost production to that level, sticking to its official hardware shipment target of 10 million units.”

Unless you’ve been extremely vigilant, checking websites like Amazon frequently, it’s been almost impossible to find a Switch in stock anywhere. The added production should hopefully help alleviate that issue, though it may not be easy to find a Switch until sometime next year.

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