Nintendo to double Switch production following the console early retail success


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  • The real Chug that Haterade

    How about they triple the production of the Classic? Oh wait, I forgot that Nintendo actually hates selling stuff..

  • MoYeung

    “Back in 2012, Nintendo sold 3 million Wii U units in the console’s first six weeks of availability.”

    After that, sales went into a stall.

    • Yes, that is the obvious statement. So obvious, that it is the point of the quote you copied. But more importantly, I don’t think Nintendo increased production during that sell out. They seem to have noticed using other indicators that demand is going to by higher and more stable than the Wii U’s. Of course, that is not saying much.

      I actually think they will sell over 10 million consoles, and said so before the Switch was released. We will have to wait for a year to see what happens. In the meantime, I hope everyone finds games they like on a platform that is acceptable and they game one.

    • MoYeung

      They want to increase production to prepare for Summer and Christmas this year, when marquee games like splatoon 2, mario, and mario kart will be out then.

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  • Shogun

    Sure, production will increase to meet demand this year but by this time next year few will care.

    • Sean-Paul

      You cared enough to comment so seems like you care.

      I’ll just sit here and enjoy my Switch in the mean time.

    • Shogun

      LOL! Feeling vindicated are you Sean Paul? Its hardly surprising that Nintendo is ramping up production since they produced so little to begin with. None of this demonstrates a success story here by any means at this point.

    • jplunks

      The difference is that alot more people are aware of the Switch compared to the Wii U. The Wii U did 3 mill on no marketing and a dumb name. Switch has learned from that and would in theory would not follow the same path.

  • Jason

    They will need to supply for the holiday rush. The die hard fans will but anything Nintendo, hard core gamers will buy when there is a library of games (this holiday), and the casual gamers will buy when there’s something that interests them or there’s a deal.

  • jplunks

    This 8.5 gen of consoles will be a telling tale of what is going to happen with the video game industry. 3 yrs in and we get newish console? I get the slim model and different variants of an existing platform. But this Extra horsepower is straight nonsense and robbing the industry of their money. Yes, there is no “guideline” but for the Pro/Scorpio to come out to have a self life of 2-3yrs is nuts when in a yrs time Devs, will not cater to the PS4/Xbox owner despite what Sony/MS says. Devs run the industry.

    Hopefully the Switch is a better story then that of the Wii U. I personally think the Wii U had at the most 2 more yrs, but we live in a gaming bubble that if the technology is there, Nintendo/Sony/MS should have the best implemented at a cost where we could buy the console, 2nd controller and 2 games.

    IMO i believe the Switch will be alot less then the Wii but do as good or better then the N64