Fire Emblem Heroes is getting special wedding costumes for ‘Bridal Blessings’ event

As of May 30th, the update Fire Emblem Heroes players have been waiting for is set to finally arrive — wedding dresses.

The mobile game’s new crop of special heroes introduces four costumed characters dressed in white as part of its ‘Bridal Blessings’ event.

Bridal Blessings characters includes: Caeda, Charlotte, Codellia and Lyn. The new characters will be available between May 30th and June 13th.

The content pack’s trailer begins with the phrase, “here comes the bouquet,” and then proceeds to show a bizarre ninety second series of Fire Emblem characters in weddings dresses coupled with various battle phrases. Each character features their own set of story and skills, says Nintendo.

Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendo’s second serious mobile effort. While some have been critical of the game’s free-to-play mechanics — admittedly they can be frustrating — the title offers a surprising amount of depth and recreates the iconic series’ turn-based gameplay on smartphones faithfully.

This isn’t the first content pack released for the mobile title either, as last month, Nintendo released special bunny costumes for the game.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android.