Toronto councillor says telecoms should unlock FM radio on Android smartphones


  • I used the FM radio on my Xperia Arc all the time. I would love to see it available again on more devices.

    • Troublemaker

      I use it on my Huawei phone…its great!

  • Dimitri

    All the carriers blame the manufacturer saying ” it’s up to the manufacturers to enable it” then the manufacturers say ” it’s up to the carriers to enable it”

    The carriers need to stop beating behind the bush and start enabling them for Android and Blackberry devices ( depends on the models). Carriers only care about the data usages but at the end, the reps on their Facebook pages and Twitter shouldn’t lie. How many times have reps from Rogers and Bell have told customers it’s up to the manufacturer to enable it.. We know that’s a lie as the phones have them enabled but the carrier block it. I would love to have the Fm radio back on my device as it was useful for many things. Some may find it useless but I don’t.

    • Troublemaker

      Are you new to Canada? Welcome to the White North bro where everything is rigged lol

    • Dimitri

      No i know all of it has been happening for about 3-4 years. Everything in Canada is rigged when it comes to Robules. That’s why they have so many loopholes they can go by. Sadly this won’t change.

    • John Lofwire

      Well if Robers and Hell block its its life…

      work perfectly well on my Telus LG G5.

  • John Smith

    Why would anyone want to listen to this ad-filled commercial garbage? This has nothing to do with safety.

    If you have no data, do yourself a favor and download yourself a podcast for the road.

    • Captain Henry Morgan

      Because not everyone works like you do. I am sure others would still want to listen to radio station plus ads are there to support the station, just like this website you are visiting..without the ads, there will be no MS. Hence, there will be no you complaining about how others should live.

    • John Lofwire

      Why would anyone want to have a choice?
      Why would anyone want to be able to fully use the hardware already in all android smartphone?
      Why would anyone want to have a brain?

    • Beautiful Blessings

      Why indeed…..?

    • PandaBread

      Podcasts? Obviously you are spoiled in your own 1st world worry free bubble. Fm signals are useful for emergencies because they require less power and doesn’t rely on cell towers. Perfect for when natural disasters strikes.

      You need live updates in an emergency not a this american life radio show.

    • Sap

      Just wanted to mention that some great stations still exist on radio, such as CBC Radio.

    • Just Jess

      CBC Radio One and Radio 2, as well as community and university radio do not have ads!

    • Rev0lver

      No. Some people like the radio.

    • kaostheory

      Because there’s also chat (morning shows), news, sports, new songs. Who would want to listen to a boring podcast with nothing new?

  • SV650

    FM radio or not is but one discussion point. But the councillor is hugely mistaken about it being useful for emergency notification alerts, given the number of listeners at any given time. Useful for ost-alert information maybe, but there are other processes available that are FAR better for the initial notification. In addition to the proposed alert system mandated by the CRTC, anyone using the Weather Network App on their device is already receiving localized emergency notifications in addition to weather warnings.

    • kaostheory

      What would be “far better”? Radio stations are the most likely to keep broadcasting, while cell towers are most likely to be overloaded in a natural disaster. Radio is still the most reliable service and if I’m our and about I’m likely only to have my cellphone for info.

    • SV650

      You are extending YOUR use pattern to everyone, and assuming that during an emergency the cellular network works as it does when not in an emergency situation.

      A HUGE portion of the population is NOT listening to FM radio at any given time, but a broadcast message over the cell network will reach every cellphone within range. As I said in my original post, Information AFTER the initial alert is indeed useful if delivered by FM radio, however even then, it is not the way most people are gathering information.

    • kaostheory

      We’re talking about a real disaster (not when someone’s back yard gets flooded) In the case of a large earthquake, cell towers are less reliable as you can receive radio from outside the disaster zone. If all cellphones had fm everyone would have access to info, no matter where they’re located.

    • SV650

      Ahh, so you mean post, apocalypse. I mean pre-apocalypse.

    • kaostheory

      You would denounce fm because you don’t believe a disaster couldn’t happen without warning? Even “pre-apocalypse” cell towers can be overwhelmed. Have you ever been to a festival where you can’t make a call? I have.

    • SV650

      No, I’m saying that for initial notification, there are better technologies available through a cellphone reaching more people in less time, than FM radio.
      In the scenario you describe of the festival event, are you listening to your FM radio for emergency notifications? If not, wouldn’t a notification arriving to your phone in a manner you could not reasonably ignore, be a better notification? Technologies such as the emergency notification system in the USA provide certainty of much wider notification to cellphone users than depending on individuals to be listening to FM radio.
      I fully agree once the attention of individuals within the impact area has been gained, FM radio is one means to distribute information, but it is not the one most people are wanting to use for information gathering.
      The most immediate thing folks in a disaster situation want to do is contact loved ones to confirm they are okay. The next thing is to try and assemble those same folks, and usually only then are they trying to contact outside members of the family, etc., unless the outside family and friends aren’t frantically trying to contact them.
      I have been at events where voice circuits are overwhelmed. I have also been a participant in Emergency Operations Centres during declared emergencies.

  • Victor Creed

    FM Radio isn’t blocked on the LG G6. Works great in my lab at work.

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