Bell’s new Fibe Alt TV platform lets you watch live TV content without a set-top box


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  • karenkns

    So only 2 streams at once?

    • expunisher

      It is only running at 50 Mbps in most of their area. Probably want to start with 2 then scale up to maybe 3 or 4 later.

    • Brent Hazelton

      Most likely a content licensing restriction too; you can get Alt TV on the Fibe 15 tier.

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  • TomsDisqusted

    I just don’t get that we continue to allow Robellus to use a service like TV to shut-down competition in another area (Internet). Even if they allowed customers of competing Internet services to access this new TV service, the advantages to Bell Internet customers of bundling discounts and zero-rating are huge.

  • Ben

    A step in the right direction for sure. But 15$ for OTA available channels, up to 90$ for the “Best” package is still somewhat steep … give me this with a decent “a la carte” channel selection (like 1-3$/month/channel) and I’m in.

    • Brent Hazelton

      You can add 10 Channels for $20 or $4 or $7 a channel depending on the channel. Not a bad offering for someone who wants live TV but doesn’t want a contract or a set top box.

    • Ben

      20$ for 10 channel if the selection is decent is reasonable and actually interesting… So 34.95$ for base + 10 channels of my choice? Once my current “12 months” promo expire, might ditch TV and look into this

    • Brent H

      You can choose most channels excluding premium channels such as HBO or TMN. You can also do this with your existing Fibe TV package; such as Good + 10 A La Carte instead of choosing Better or Best which works out for people who watch a couple of channels from each of the higher packages but not the majority of the content.

    • Stephen B Morris

      That’s exactly what I did.

    • Rev0lver

      A lot of the country has very limited access to OTA channels compared to southern Ontario.

  • Zaptor99

    What about net neutrality? “data usage and overage fees will not apply to Alt TV”

    • Guillaume Simard

      This is a blatant attack on net neutrality.

      > The company also says that data usage and overage fees will not apply to Alt TV when viewing the platform at home.

      Why does that apply to Bell’s service but not Netflix or any other offering? That’s not how the internet should work.

    • Brent Hazelton

      How is it any different than how Fibe TV works now? Just because Cable uses older tech doesn’t mean they we should penalize people for being on IPTV and have them charged for data that is allowing them to view TV like cable.

    • Guillaume Simard

      If it wasn’t any different, no one would be switching 😉

      The biggest difference is that this is a lot closer to Netflix or Hulu than it is to traditional TV.

      This is an on-demand video streaming service that can be viewed on any device.
      Bell has an unfair advantage against competition since it acts as both an ISP and a content provider.

    • Brent H

      But this is based on Live TV – On Demand is present but most people are looking for a way to access HBO and Sports in a different way than locked to their TV where it has typically been. Not sure how this is an unfair competitive advantage as much as integrating vertically like many other businesses. Netflix has started creating original content; doesn’t this mean they have an unfair competitive advantage when they rate their content 5 stars but competitive content lower or have their own section? It should be prohibited to disadvantage a competitor but not to vertically integrate as thats just good business in my personal opinion. The CRTC tends to stiffle innovation and then we wonder why things haven’t changed with the times.

    • Guillaume Simard

      The Netflix rating thing is really shady business. It’s unrelated to Net Neutrality but I do not approve this either.

      I don’t think this is stifling competition, quite the opposite. It’s all about allowing new players to play on the same level as the big multi-million companies. In a world where ISPs can charge you extra for using the competition’s service, new players start with 2 strikes.

      Net Neutrality is important.

    • mola2alex

      This one has always been tricky. Does Bell’s service when delivered to your home go over the internet? My guess is it stays entirely on Bell’s private network so why should internet regulation apply to a service delivered over a private network? What if you could buy Alt TV but not want the internet service? Then what, could you have unlimited? I think there needs to be some inherent advantage to building a faster, better network.

    • Guillaume Simard

      There is an advantage to building a faster, better network. Clients love fast, stable, unthrottled networks with lots of bandwith.

      If you could buy Alt TV without the internet service, I’d say it’s probably a gray zone and I would personally be okay with that. I don’t know how that would work.

    • Dtc Deals

      This is precisely the point. It’s only available on their closed network. It answers the question people would have “does it count against my internet usage” — the answer is NO.

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  • Tim

    Even if I wanted to pay for this, I couldn’t. I don’t meet the requirement of having a 2-year contract for Bell Internet.

    So, I’ll be sticking with Sling TV.

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    What a fail – those package prices are $$ high. No Android TV support yet – wow.

    Typical Bell – they still don’t understand why people are cord cutting.

    • mola2alex

      lol, I am pretty sure they do

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    “Alt”? TV – wonder if that will turn off subscribers or get someone expecting a Breitbart rich environment. Just saying….

  • jellmoo

    I… I don’t get it… This isn’t cord cutting, this is just having a different type of cord.

    • Barry A Moulds

      Sort of like a wireless cord !!! LoL !

  • Ricky Bobby

    “The company also says that data usage and overage fees will not apply to Alt TV when viewing the platform at home.”

    Get to work CRTC. We can’t have double standards after what you did to Videotron no?

    • Comrade Yeti

      At home probably means over your home internet connection. Unless you want to shutdown VMedia and everyone else, CRTC is more than ok with unlimited home internet access

    • fred

      except that not all Bell plans are unlimited. This is a clear violation of net neutrality, just like videotron

    • Dtc Deals

      According the Bell Fibe-ALT pages, it requires you subscribe to an unlimited Fibe internet package starting at $84. So there you go… it has no effect on your HOME unlimited usage. However, Mobile data is another story.

  • Beebs

    OTA channels, Roku, Chromecast, Kodi. Free with digital antenna and or free with WiFi connection is the future. Bell TV is the past, no matter how much make -up you put on this pig.

  • Nundo

    Just reading the comments bellow and I have one question: What price where you all expecting? We ALL know how all these TV providers behave, these prices should not come to a surprise to anyone. Is it in the right direction? Sure, but these prices are no different than what you can get with a cord. If the word “ALT” stands for alternative, why are we getting the same pricing?

  • Bob Loblaw

    Nice try robellus

  • Manuel Orellana

    So they save money by not needing to provide a box or do an install, and then they charge close to if not as much. Cable companies don’t get it. Sadly more and more android boxes flood the market giving people every channel imaginable for 20 bucks. Realistic, no, illegal, yes, I luckily have free cable where I live but I would happily pay for a full sub if it was around 40 bucks or so, not over over 100. Until they’re really struggling you’re not going to see prices drop, Bell, and Rogers want to see how this plays out? Take a look at what happened with landlines, that’s pretty much where cable is headed. It’s too easy nowadays for people to watch anything they want and not pay a nickel (pennies were phased out). Once upon a time in the satellite days you sort of had to know what you were doing if you were doing the programming or pay every time the card went down, that’s not the case anymore. Back in the satellite days providers had the power to kill boxes getting programming illegally, that’s not the case anymore. If you want to survive, drop the prices to something more reasonable that gives people a second thought as to whether or not it’s worth it download when you can have it all for a small fee (look how well that’s worked for Netflix). Even though I have KODI on one of my PCs I still pay for Netflix because I find their programming is good and feel ok supporting them since their fees seem very reasonable. People want reasonable. Give them reasonable and you will get them back.

    • mola2alex

      You can drop it to $5 and people will still use Kodi, who are you kidding that at $40 ppl will decide that over free. And video isn’t really the same as landline. Landline being a fixed to a home service was inevitably dead with mobile becoming widely available. Mobile simply was the evolution to landline. Not really the same as video.

    • Manuel Orellana

      Yeah people will use Kodi regardless, but at a 40.00 price point it would be easier and better quality to keep cable than to use have kodi replace your cable all together, people would probably still keep it for the movies. Heck a sub for kodi is around 20 so you’re really only saving 20 bucks and you can’t compare picture quality. Yes there are a segment of people for which free is better than paying for quality, those people will always exist, the problem right now is that there is a large number of people who are giving up quality in exchange for free because the alternative is too expensive. Telcos milked landline for ages, charging crazy amounts for call display and long distance. Cable companies and telcos milk cable charging crazy prices for odd channels and insane prices for premium channels (that’s the comparison i was thinking of), eventually people find alternatives be it a cell phone, skype, voip, etc… and the prices had to come down. cell phones are to landlines what kodi is to cable and not just kodi, but netflix and the host of other alternatives.

  • AlanStrangis

    Cancelled cable back when Rogers took Space, AMC, and Discovery off the basic package years ago. Now Bell wants to charge $15/m for basically channels I get free OTA, and they put a channel like AMC (which is basic cable in the US) into their $69/m package? And I can only access it if I get Bell Fibe internet? And they won’t do 4K? No thanks.

  • Chris

    Their “Best” for $103.95. Nobody can afford that crap these days. Except for people on welfare who all they do is watch TV. I work for Bell. Building their fibre network. So I’m just paying back into Bell so people on welfare can live free and consume everything they can without adding anything to the world. And I’m helping them get there by helping build the network. What is life… Geez.

  • Jon Duke

    “The company also says that data usage and overage fees will not apply to Alt TV when viewing the platform at home”

    So they didn’t learn from when they were offering the tv app data free on mobile? It’s the same darn thing to not count it on my home internet…

    • Wilbour

      Yay! Let’s kick Videotron in the cells for not charging data for streaming content then offer free content on the Bell home network! Yah. Not gonna five it for this.

  • Benoit Bourdua

    Was intrigued and considering it for football season. Then saw 42.95$.


  • Benoit Bourdua

    Alt definition according to Bell :

    You provide the box now, not us. #Profits

  • Barry A Moulds

    I have yet to see ANYTHING streamed that is even close to the quality of HD Satellite … Now everyone wants to “cut” cable and satellite in favour of internet streaming … Amazingly , now the prices are almost the same … $103 for TV streaming … Never thought I’d ever hear that …

  • Barry A Moulds

    I really don’t understand what anyone means by “free”
    In order to get any of these services you first need a reliable high speed internet connection minimum 25mbps … Higher if available … Please tell me how to get that for free !!! ……. THEN you can start getting subscriber stuff like netflix crave bell and this new one alt … THEN you can start using your special streaming boxes and codes to get more stuff …. All less and less in quality as prices fall … ????????

  • Good price point for starting. It will only get cheaper as it catches on or when they realize TV is being less and less consumed in the traditional manner. Really good direction but they need to ramp it up quick before Netflix gets any better. Soon Bell will be an ISP if they don’t switch it up quick.

  • Brenda

    I couldn’t resist trying it out because, well, it’s there. Not sure I understand what Bell is up to. Maybe they don’t either.

    They’ve been heavily subsidising cable for those of us who subscribe to unlimited internet. I cancellled cable after the trial period because I don’t watch it, but calculated it would have cost an extra $5 or so a month for basic because they would have dropped the extra $30 a month they charged for unlimited internet.

    A few weeks ago Bell sent out messages about a special offer. What they really did was combine the unlimited internet charge with the basic internet charge. It simplifies billing, but I’m also wondering if this isn’t because of something the CRTC is up to. But I was happy because I was able to reduce my internet bill by $10/month before taxes and get higher speeds.

    Then they announced alt-TV. I’ve subscribed for a month just out of curiosity. It’s supposed to be free for the first month,
    but won’t believe it until I get the bill. Not much different from cable, but lower quality picture and unreliable.

    The sign up process was entertaining, a real comedy. The rep said they would waive the activation fee. When I asked the amount of the activation fee – just so I’d know how much I’d be (not) saving – he told me there was no activation fee.

    The content on alt-TV is as bad as it was on cable. The interface is as bad as well. It’s handy to get CBC news live (their AppleTV app is one of the worst), but RDI costs extra. I’m in Quebec and have to pay $7 more to get taxpayer subsidised news in French? Maybe they think they can get away with this because Radio-Canada doesn’t have an AppleTV app.

    I won’t be subscribing for s second month.

  • Cicero

    Bell Rep just told me that it will not work with Chromecast. Deal breaker for me…