Microsoft working on HomeHub to compete with the Amazon Echo devices

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Even though Amazon Echo doesn’t have a Canadian release date, we might get Echo-like features through a new Windows 10 service called Microsoft HomeHub.

The new service will allow a variety of devices to essentially function exactly like the Echo, according to the Verge.

Microsoft designed HomeHub with families in mind, focusing on features like shared calendars, apps and a welcome screen to greet each member of the family.

Furthermore, Microsoft envisions HomeHub devices as a way for users to easily control other smart home devices like the Philips’ Hue Lighting system.

Microsoft HomeHub

Similar to the Echo Show, Microsoft’s new Windows 10 feature has a welcome screen that is ‘always-on.’ The display will allow users to post and see to-do lists, calendars and notes. The Redmond-based company designed this always-on feature for devices used in small rooms such as the kitchen. Cortana, the company’s personal helper, is expected to be a major component of HomeHub.

The differences between Microsoft HomeHub enabled devices and other AI-controlled speakers or touchscreen devices are that it will also work as a full-fledged Windows PC and should be more available than Amazon Echo and Google Home devices.

Microsoft may detail HomeHub during its Build developer conference this week.

Source: The Verge