Bell partners with PressReader to bring news stories to customers across Canada

Bell building logo

Bell has announced a partnership with PressReader to bring thousands of newspapers and magazines to customers across Canada.

With a $10 monthly PressReader subscription, Bell Mobility customers will have access to local, national and international publications such as The National Post, The Toronto Star, The Washington Post, Forbes and more.

Content will be mobile-friendly and can be read, shared and translated to 18 different languages.

Bell is the first Canadian communications provider to offer mobile access to the Vancouver-based PressReader platform.

“Canadians are using their smartphones and tablets to catch up on the news, conduct research or indulge in a great magazine feature, whether at home, at work or when they’re travelling,” said Nauby Jacob, vice president of products and services for Bell Mobility. “With PressReader now on Canada’s fastest and largest mobile network, Bell Mobility customers can access an unmatched range of leading newspapers publications from Canada, the U.S.A. and around the world on their mobile devices.”

“Our innovative business models have already brought high-quality journalism to readers across the world. Bell is yet another industry leader that’s joining us in delivering trusted content in a way that makes sense to consumers,” added Igor Smirnoff, Chief Commercial officer at PressReader. “Canadians want a mobile reading experience that’s highly personalized. We’re giving them the options they want.”

PressReader is available for download on iOS and Android. More information about PressReader on Bell can be found here.

Source: Newswire