Apple acquires sleep tracking startup Beddit

Beddit App

Apple has acquired Beddit, a startup that produces an advanced sleep monitoring device and accompanying app.

The startup updated its privacy policy on May 8th to reflect the acquisition, noting, “Beddit has been acquired by Apple. Your personal data will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Apple Privacy Policy.”

Beddit’s sleep monitor — available through Apple’s retail stores for $179.95 CAD — measures a whole host of stats like ambient noise, temperature and humidity, respiration, movement and heart rate. The accompanying app then uses the data it collects to generate personalized suggestions on how the user can improve their sleep.

MacRumours speculates, based on Beddit’s revised privacy policy, that the company will to continue to sell its sleep monitor. However, it’s also likely Apple will use the company’s technology to enhance the sleep tracking functionality of its own devices.