Nintendo Switch could outsell the Wii U in its first year

Nintendo Switch

While not exactly a statistic worth bragging about given the overall sales performance of Nintendo’s ill-fated Wii U, Nintendo has revealed strong Switch sales in its most recent fiscal earnings report, amounting to 2.74 million units sold since the console’s launch back in March.

In total, Nintendo forecasts that the Switch will sell 10 million consoles by this time next year. This prediction, if it turns out to be accurate, puts the console’s sales in-line to surpass the Wii U’s total lifetime sales of 13 million, in just one year.

It’s worth noting, however, that the Wii U managed to sell 3 million units in its first six weeks on the market back in 2012 — though this was during the holiday shopping season — with sales rapidly slowed over the next few months.

While it isn’t as rare as the now dead NES Classic, the Switch has been difficult to hunt down at Canadian retailers since its launch.

Source: Nintendo