Virgin Mobile ranks highest, Rogers lowest in Canadian wireless customer care satisfaction study

Virgin Mobile kiosk

Virgin Mobile has ranked the highest in wireless customer care satisfaction in Canada, according to a study published by marketing information services company J.D. Power. Rogers, however, ranked the lowest in customer satisfaction.

The J.D. Power 2017 Canadian Wireless Customer Care Study identifies key customer service attributes that lead to higher customer satisfaction, such as knowledge, courtesy or concern.

The study uses a 1,000-point scale to gauge customer satisfaction, with “delighted customers” being those who rank 900 or higher. The purpose is to demonstrate loyalty and advocacy that highly satisfied customers will exhibit as a result of exceptional customer service.

Virgin topped the list at a ranking of 801, while Koodo Mobile came second with 796, followed by Quebec provider Videotron at 789.

In last year’s study, Virgin placed fifth at 764, with Koodo and Videotron coming in at first (798) and second (790), respectively.

JD Power Wireless Customer Satisfaction Study

Canadians’ overall satisfaction level rose to 746 points in 2017, up from 738 the previous year. ‘In-store service’ was the factor that improved the most among the four categories measured.

Two-fifths of Canadians said that ‘good customer service’ led them to pick their carrier, which is tied with the number of people who are influenced by ‘price.’

Shorter and more efficient service times also led to much higher rankings; overall satisfaction reached 837 when customers reported less than five minutes to resolve a problem online, compared with 693 when it takes 10 minutes or more — a 144-point difference. Satisfaction is also higher at 765 when people need to navigate three web pages or less as opposed to 676 for four or more pages.

Additionally, 70 percent of ‘delighted customers’ say they “definitely will” recommend their carrier to others, compared to only 43 percent of ‘pleased customers.’

Source: Business Wire