Samsung’s new In-Traffic Reply app wants to help stop distracted driving

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The penalty for distracted driving in Ontario can amount to an $1000 fine and three demerit points. Samsung’s ‘In-Traffic Reply‘ app is designed to prevent distracted driving, saving people from paying a fine and more importantly saving lives.

The Korean manufacturer’s subsidiary Samsung Electronics Benelux B.V.’s new app is currently in beta and slated to arrive on the Play Store in May (Samsung has yet to announce an exact launch date).

The basis of the app is a recent PanelWizard study that found that one-third of Dutch people use their phones while driving. According to the study, the reason this happens is that drivers feel a social pressure to reply right away. In-Traffic Reply was created to address that social pressure.

In Text Reply app

Using GPS information, the app knows to automatically send a reply anytime the user is driving a car or riding a bike.

By default, In-Traffic Reply will send the following message: “I’m driving, so I cannot answer at the moment.” However, users can also send their own pre-crafted message or one of several funny ones provided by the app.

Source: Samsung