Find the deeper meaning in song lyrics with ‘Behind the Lyrics,’ now available on Android

Behind the Lyrics

Genius wants to give people quick access to the deeper meaning behind the songs they’re listening to. More than a year ago the company joined forces with Spotify to create a new feature called ‘Behind the Lyrics’ for its Spotify app. Now Genius and Spotify are bringing their ‘Behind the Lyrics’ feature to Android.

Spotify users with Android devices now have access to two Genius powered playlists, ‘Today’s Top Hits’ and ‘Behind the Lyrics Hip Hop.’ According to Genius each of the songs in these playlists have received the “Genius treatment.” This means that Android users now have access to artist revelations, fun facts and lyrical excerpts that display while music is playing.

Behind the Lyrics teaches users about the songs they are listening to, from what inspired it, to information regarding how the song was recorded. Behind the Lyrics also gives insight to songs that people may have thought they already knew the meaning to, without having to search for the information.

Singer/songwriter Khalid — not be confused with DJ Khaled — is set to have his recently released album American Teen feature ‘Behind the Lyrics’ functionality.

Behind the Lyrics is available through Spotify’s Android app, If users want to know more about the music they’re listening to Genius’ app, ‘Genius – Song Lyrics and more‘, is also available to download.

Source: Genius