Organizations have until June 28, 2017 to have their voice heard on the CRTC’s internet fund

Jean Pierre Blais

Organizations that want to help strengthen and democratize internet access across Canada as part of the federal government’s $750 million broadband fund will want to mark June 28th, 2017 on their calendars.

Sometime after that date, which represents a submission deadline, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) will decide how to best distribute the fund.

At this juncture, the commission wants to hear from organizations on how best to manage and distribute the five-year fund in a way that’s transparent, fair and efficient. The CRTC also wants to hear suggestions on how to best assess groups on whether they’re eligible to take part in the project.

On December 21st, the CRTC ruled that broadband internet access is a basic telecommunications service. Over the next ten years, the CRTC hopes 50Mbps broadband is available to all Canadians.