Ecobee4 rumoured to feature built-in microphone and Alexa integration, even in Canada


  • Roger

    I just got the Ecobee 3 and love it. I don’t think I’ll upgrade to 4 just yet. I am not sold on this smart home stuff yet.

  • Richard Wangly

    I’ve had an Ecobee3 for 2 winters now, and my patience with this product and the company that makes it has run out. For a”smart” appliance it is nearly devoid of any intelligent logic, lacking simple functionality such as maintaining a set minimum temperature at all sensor locations. The only algorithm available is averaging the currently enabled sensors – if someone gets too hot and cracks a window, your whole home goes out of whack, because it’s fine for one room to be 10C if the other two are 26C and 26C (avg=21C).
    Firmware updates are unannounced and have no changelog. The company forum is brimming with years’ worth of ignored feature requests and problem reports. But the hardware is pretty, there’s a weather app, and you can see pretty graphs online that show you just how poorly the product is actually working.
    If you have a newer home with decent insulation, or live alone in a large home, the product will probably do fine. But in my opinion, the target market is made up of people who like tech, live in a poorly built home, and either can’t afford or can’t justify the expense of fixing the root problem or upgrading their heating system to properly compensate for it.

  • SamBBB

    Once they fix all their problems and the price drops to about $50, then I will consider buying one. Right now my simple $10 mechanical thermostat works just fine, never has had a glitch in 40 years and never requires batteries or an electrical outlet.