Analyst predicts new Rogers CEO Natale will be quick to launch ‘Rogers 4.0’ strategy refresh


  • Jason

    Isn’t that all stuff the last guy said?

    • It’s Me


      The only thing this leadership change means, since it was directed by the Rogers family, is that it’s going to hurt. Badly.

      Everyone grab your ankles or reach for the sky.

  • johny

    get paid $20 million a year to do what? charge more for the same service? great plan. no wonder customers are leaving

  • pvanb

    “Comcast X1” and “flawless” are mutually exclusive things. If they want to reverse competitive losses get into bed with TiVo like Cogeco did.

    (I don’t actually know how Cogeco has done competitively against Bell Fube with their TiVo boxes, but I miss my TiVo like hell every time I have to use Rogers’ steaming trash pile of a PVR.)

  • KiwiBri

    lipstick on a pig perhaps? I don’t know how hes going to change this company with their so “culture”. We already say the Rogers family didn’t like customer focused changes that Guy Laurence introduced…

  • fruvous

    I hope he fixes that annoying SMS issue. You know how much I love getting 2 to 4 copies of each message.

  • Surveillance

    It would seem the’ve completely abandoned their LTE-A rollout. Hard to find any mention of it anywhere in the company