Here are all the changes to Canadian carrier rate plans this week


  • LarryD

    You’re kind of late on the Fido plans as I just looked on their website and all the extra 2GB data bonuses are gone now. For $65 on the pulse plan you only get 1 GB of data now. Good thing I changed mine last month as for the same price I get 4 GB of data, unlimited Canada calling, etc.

    • Surveillance

      I was late to the party. I’m actually on a decent plan with Virgin but I’ll be switching to Fido/Rogers before I roam internationally again. 100mb for $5/$10 is absolutely brutal!

  • Rimtu Kahn

    This is a good useful initiative from MobileSyrup. Nice to be able to see all the ongoing promotions on one location.

    • Unorthodox

      Totally agree. Finally, some information we can use not just consume.

  • Royce MacRae


    • dirtyKIMCHI

      Yes, EastLink.

  • Salinger

    Is the Koodo “10% off with BYOP” specific to a particular province? I don’t think they offer that any longer in Ontario. At least, I could find no mention of it on their website.

  • MrQ

    This list is very vague and even fails to mention that Fido, Virgin have raised prices $10/mo with Koodo following Apr 16

    Looks like a sponsored article by Robelus

  • taoufik mechergui

    Who needs these i****s for plans. Just go on TMobile website order a prepaid 75$ us all in one unlimited north America data voice and text and they even have an app to prepay with credit card or go with cricket mobile for only 65$ us . Wake up Canadian cheeps

    • Lakh Jhajj

      Will they ship to Canada. I am guessing. No

    • Salinger

      Don’t they have a requirement that at least half your usage must be in the US?

    • Mawhayden

      Yup, they T-Mobile will cut you off by the 2nd Month. It’s only good if you are staying at least a week or two every month. Good for some people , definitely not good for most……it would nice though.

  • TheTechSmith

    I was with Virgin not even half a year ago, and since then their plans for Ontario went up $15 starting at $45 for 100min/100MB, BYOP offers no discount, and data overages are now $7 per 100MB! Not even one year ago it was $5 for 250MB! Robbery! I’ll stick with my $40 for unlimited province wide calling and 4GB data with Public Mobile 🙂

    • Surveillance

      Virgin jacked their prices hard this week. Fido too!

  • JoMore

    Telus how you really feel