BlackBerry awarded $815 million in arbitration from Qualcomm



  • Rev0lver

    Wow. Over a billion Canadian! That’s a nice bit of cash!

    • Sally Mae

      While John and I are grateful for the successful outcome of these court proceedings, we regret that 815 milloollas will be little more than a deposit for the villa on the north shore of Lake Geneva…

    • Ricky Bobby

      Mrs. Chen, is that you?

    • Sally Mae


  • Techguru86

    Good, Qualcomm has been known to be a crap company for a long time,they have produced decent processors but have done quite the opposite

  • 2112

    More acquisitions are now possible to solidify BlackBerry’s leadership in Software security,
    LG, Nokia and Blackberry need to hit Apple hard for its tech stealing iPhone

    • kirfer

      Or they could maybe, well, do something positive in the industry instead of morphing into patent trolls. Nokia, in particular, seems to have given up and moved under the bridge since the start of the year… even worse, they’re budding off tiny little companies to do a lot of the patent assertion on their behalf: it’s a pretty shameful situation for one of the industry giants to end up in.

    • Wonderful Blessings

      Shame be upon them unto the days of the prophets…having said that, one has to defend one’s Intellectual Property.
      It would be great to see Nokia selling decent phones again; just don’t get TCL to make ’em but.

    • kirfer

      Of course: but at least do it *yourself* instead of hiding behind tiny little patent-trolling companies that have been created for that single purpose….

      I’d be very happy to see Nokia succeed in the phone industry, particularly if it was a real revival for the Finnish employees of the company, and not just some lawyers brandishing a few hundred of the company’s patents to screw over other players (largely for the benefit of their own legal firms and a few shadowy investors).

      And yeah: TCL is surely not a company that an firm with any choice in the matter would really want to be associated with. Having TCL make your phones is like being a Michelin-starred restaurant and agreeing to retail McDonalds’ burgers under your own name. It’s just staving off the inevitable…

    • Beautiful Blessings

      Lol! Praises to the highest!

  • Qualcomm has such a strong hold on the market that this hit is chump change to them. They made over $20 billion USD last year and not even Apple can hurt them with legal action. I’m surprised BB won but QC is a monster in the mobile tech world.

  • Magic18

    Good news, but this won’t save BB

    • Rev0lver

      They could do a lot with a billion dollars. It certainly could help save them.

    • kirfer

      Heck yeah: how about a “Z10, 5 year anniversary edition”, or maybe a new PlayBook? I guess they could buy about 5% of WhatsApp (or rather *could have*, based on its valuation when Facebook bought it in 2014).

      In short, it’s cool, and I love that it’s Qualcomm coughing up the bucks, but it’s not really a game-changer.

  • xBURK

    Look for a few more settlements coming BlackBerry’s way shortly. Great job Chen!

    • Sally Mae

      Yes, John is certainly enjoying a ‘purple patch’ and rest assured that I will be doing my utmost to support him through these difficult and trying times.

    • 2112

      Apple and Nokia will be next

  • Sally Mae Chin

    “The Canadian-based company states that it overpaid the chip maker ranging between the years of 2010 to 2015”

    • Ricky Bobby

      Ummmmm…. Qualcomm’s…. hence the reason why they owe BlackBerry almost a billion plus interest.

    • Sally Mae


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