BlackBerry’s financial troubles are behind the company, says RBC analyst


  • Shogun

    Not sure how any analyst can be taken seriously on this score when you look at the continuing decline in revenues, the fact that SAF’s are still making up just over a third of their revenues, software is not growing along the guidance that Chen set for over a year (30%) or that ‘new opportunities are emerging’
    In point of fact this company has no serious game changing, market disruptive product nor does it possess a monopoly on any one particular service or technology. In the absence of any of this not sure where the bullish thesis comes from and even he can’t provide a valuation because this analyst knows it doesn’t exist.

    Basically this is just a bunch of baloney and the stock price rise the same scenario that has played out around countless other quarterly earnings only to end up falling flat once again.

    • The real Chug that Haterade

      Hmmmmm. Take the advice of an RBC analyst or someone that is known for his constant bashing of anything and everything BlackBerry…..

    • Denton

      His new nickname is SHILLY, kinda fitting dont ya think?

    • Dennton

      Yes. That is a highly comical nomenclature.

    • Denton

      LOL!!…. looky the shill trying desperately trying to spread FUD and fake news…. all the while his short took another bath… too funny!!

  • The real Chug that Haterade
  • This year will be the year that BB has to prove itself.If they can lock down valuable contracts they are in

  • xBURK

    In the world of tech, only two CEO’s have erected a dead company. Steve Jobs & John Chen with Sybase. I recall Chen saying BlackBerry was going to take time as he took over. In fact, it’s amazing he got to this point without selling everything off. Looking forward to a new stable future of this company. Well done BlackBerry.

    • Denton

      Chen also did it in less time than Jobs, and Chen didn’t have to steal technology like Jobs

    • Dennton

      Yes. Chen is wonderful, isn’t he?

    • Denton

      Aww look your crying, I see I got you so worked up your bottom lip is quivering.
      FYI Apple was not massively successful until Jobs stole technology from Nokia and BlackBerry to make the iPhone, and without MS bailing them out, they would still be trying to figure out how to cut & paste.

    • Lil’ Sookin’ Denton

      Keep flailing; there’s corn to thresh out back…

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  • Lil’ Denton

    Is the same ‘equity analyst’ that advised investing in North Korea’s ‘peaceful’ nuclear program…?

    • Ronan_The_Accuser

      Does the haterade you drink contain Tim’s reproductive cells? I kinda think it does????????????????????????

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  • Lil’ Sooky Denton

    Singing…”The sun’ll come out tomorrooooow!”

  • Ronan_The_Accuser