Canadians spent 24.5 hours online per week in 2016, says report


  • Victor Creed

    Can anyone tell me what tablet is pictured in this article?

  • The real Chug that Haterade

    A certain poster that always posts hate comments on BlackBerry articles likely drove up the average….

  • Smanny

    I would say this makes sense especially when I see lots of people in Toronto using their smartphones. It doesn’t matter if they are in coffee shop, restaurant, or for that matter other stores, transit services​, their cars still, walking on the sidewalk. You can easily find almost anyone and almost anywhere on their smartphones. Sure they could be texting, but they could be looking up stuff, or looking up some merchandise, or socializing with a friend. Smartphones have given us the convenience of shopping anywhere and time, or basically look up anything, just about anywhere.

  • Captain Henry Morgan

    I think I spent 24.5 hours a week on MobileSyrup website alone…these comments take a while to read. Too many of them. LOL

  • Ipse

    I spent that much in one day. Wait, what?