BCE completes acquisition of MTS and forms Bell MTS in Manitoba



  • It’s Me

    Let the celebrations begin!

    As a welcome gift, each MTS customer gets a free tube of lube. You’ll need it.

    • Captain Henry Morgan

      I had to do it when Rogers purchased Fido back in the late 90’s. They didn’t give me a free tube of lube though. Had to go to Costco to get it myself. LOL

    • It’s Me

      Bulk purchase is probably best in this case. Maybe Manitobans can start a groupon.

    • Squishy

      Happened in 2004…that’s not the 90’s

    • Captain Henry Morgan

      Thanks! It just felt long time ago!

  • Kurt

    I currently pay 72.50 a month for unlimited data with tethering and 200 minutes. I wonder how long I’ll be able to keep that. I should take up yoga, so I can practice being bent over.

    • Captain Henry Morgan

      You probably don’t need to yoga.

      Can they at least grandfathered your existing plan?

  • Mr_Smoosh

    Let the competition begin!

    • Raymond Bungay


  • Andrew

    So the just raised MTS (sorry BellMTS) prices that Rogers has matched in Manitoba will be around for 12 months or… I actually hope I get moved to Telus, never thought I would say that :p.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Competition got another limb removed.

    • It’s Me

      Competition had it’s heart removed.

    • Raymond Bungay

      Wrong! Completion is good for consumers, but you as a Rogers employee must toe their company line!

    • It’s Me

      Kind of early in the day to be so high.

    • Raymond Bungay

      A typical Rogers response. I have all your companies services in NB, maybe you should tone down you faces less attitudes. But Manitobans will see for them themselves. Right!

    • It’s Me

      Still high? Going at it morning to night? Good for you!

    • Jo

      Yeah, it says “Rogered”, which is equivalent to saying: “getting ******” . I don’t think he got the joke, Ray

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      You are too benevolent, it did never had one to begin with. CRTC made sure of that, it has always been on life support.

  • Richard Wangly

    This could actually be good news for prepaid Bell/Telus/sub-brand subscribers, as this should mean they’ll have network access when traveling. I know when I was with Telus, their roaming agreement only applied to postpaid accounts, so the whole province was a no service area. Can’t remember whether SaskTel was the same or not…

  • Norm Osgood

    Inching west bit by bit. At least Telus is big enough to not be swallwed up.

  • Shogun

    So I guess this means that Manitobans can now share in the joys of getting gouged like those of us in Ontario. lol!

  • Raymond Bungay

    Welcome Manitobans to the “Wonderful World of Gouging”. The big 3 knows no other way of doing business with Canadians? I lest you good folks will have a year to look around and do business with a company on your terms. Like I did with our services in NB we looked at all,our options last year and in the end we stayed with Rogers as they offered us the best price for cell, tv, cable and internet all in a package for $181.18 a month all inclusive. VIP service package, unlimited internet at a decent speed, unlimited cross Canada calling 24/7 for both home phone and cell, no data by choice. Can afford it but as a senior why would I need it. All tv and internet modems free. The good prices are there by you have to be firm when looking. Remember you are in 100% control, not the providers!

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