2016 was a banner year for cord cutting in Canada, says report


  • Benoit Bourdua

    Hello my name is Ben and I’m addicted to live sports.

    Otherwise I would have cut that cord A LONG time ago! I might be able to finally do it with Youtube TV but it’s not clear yet.

    • KiwiBri

      if you like non-Nth American sports like I do, then you can get them online streamed . Will be 3yrs without cable in April for me $$$$$$$ saved!

    • Benoit Bourdua

      Sadly, I still need subs. My thing is NCAA Football, making ESPN a must have. That and ABC, CBS and Fox, obviously.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      It’s what ESPN has become is why people are cutting the cord. Barely qualifies as a sports channel anymore. Too much agenda.

      Just search on their subscriber loses.

  • Jason

    Well you either spend ~$70/mo for tv alone or ~$120/mo for a bundle vs streaming for $9, and what does that $70 get you, yes there’s sports but if your not a sports nut why have it.

  • Mr_Smoosh

    The entire point of cord cutting for me was to escape Bell/rogers/etc. No way I’d look at their iptv offerings.

  • Wilbour

    I was a cord cutter long before cord cutting was a thing. Tipping point for me was when Rogers bill went from $30 to $33 a month. That was over 15 years ago.

  • Bill___A

    When I have the TV on in the background, it isn’t unusual to see 100 or more Shaw ads over a very short period of time. Shaw spends all this time on ads telling me “how good” they are, and the fact that they barrage you with ads, beyond any reasonable amount, puts them in the strange position of selling their product and being the cause of it being less desirable at the same time. Why advertise so much to your existing customers, it is tiring and pointless….not to mention annoying. We’ve started to watch more Netflix and I realized tonight, i am paying over $100 to Shaw and getting barraged with Shaw ads, and $12 to Netflix and no ads….