SyrupCast Podcast Ep. 111: Google Assistant and chill


  • danakin

    Igor, Patrick, Jessica, and Rose fill out this week’s SyrupCast offering.

    A brief foray into cell phone unlocking segued into a discussion on the prices Canadians pay for wireless service and the ire brought on by Competition Bureau Commissioner John Pecman’s comments.

    Despite Rose ably setting up the discussion, this initial segment didn’t offer much substance and virtually no opinions from the hosts. We go a recap of the news and some tangential skimming of the unhappiness of MobileSyrup commenters. I was hoping to hear the podcaster’s thoughts; their own and not an amalgam of 3rd party opinions or sentiments. Opportunity lost here MobileSyrup.

    Things improved as the discussion morphed into suggestions consumers can adopt to try and make their mobile offerings more affordable. Threatening to cancel appears to be the only arrow in the quiver so you better fire it accurately and at the right time.

    Jessica chimed with the most substantial missive of the segment when she mentioned it was customer complaints to the CRTC that led to the elimination of simultaneous substitution during the Super Bowl. Making noise about the wireless code is the action plan as the CRTC is required to uphold it. The segment limped to the finish as more MobileSyrup comments were referenced: “open the borders and let competition in”. Writers and Journalists; there is a distinction.

    While the segment wasn’t a complete write-off, for all the discussion and pseudo angst regarding what is a problematic situation, I would have liked to hear the foursome’s ideas and solutions for Canadian consumers. They do, after all, spend their working days mired in the subject matter.

    The second segment, dubbed the good-news portion of the show, kicked off with Google Assistant’s new Canadian availability and morphed into a broader discussion on AI. Rose’s quick demo of the Google Assistant, a feline inquiry, was fun and educational. At long last an opinion made a podcast appearance when Patrick opined on the convenience of these assistants. A very solid segment full of useful information and discussion.

    If the podcasters are only (mainly) going to recap news and skim over commenter opinions without offering strong opinions or positions of their own, what value does a roundtable formatted podcast add?

    The second segment was by far the better of the two; as if the podcast team put in the work to make it cohesive while merely riffing on the opening subject. Unfortunate considering how much more important the initial segment is to Canadian consumers.

    This week’s show gets a 7.5 SMSPR (Subjective MobileSyrup Podcast Review) score.

  • Jack Smith

    Highly recommend the Assistant. Have several Google Homes now and already embeeded into my life.