Telus expands ‘Your Choice’ monthly rate plans with inclusive Canada-US data roaming options


  • Lukeiphone


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  • vn33

    Since the article didn’t mention the price for the last plan (7Gb data US/Can), I looked up in Telus website and here it is … $140/month.

    Maybe there will be someone who finds these plans appealing, but I suspect the majority may not.

  • Afterhours73

    Not entirely true – the 7GB plan is not the only plan that offers Canada/US Calling/texting/Data.
    One could choose the BYOD $60 – for unlimited Canad/US and add the $25 for 1GB. This will let you roam in the US and use your plan as though you are in Canada. Also offers unlimited calls from Canada to the US. $85/month would be the lowest starting point for this option providing you are using your own device.

    • xeronine992

      Unless I’m missing something, it seems like the BYOD plans don’t offer the Canada/US option..

      Never thought I’d say this, but Rogers looks like a steal compared to them. Their family plans want $70/person with 7GB and a laughable 300 minutes a month each.

    • Afterhours73

      It’s an oversight on their part. This is indeed available.

    • Rose

      Thanks for pointing this out. According to internal communications we received, it is available for BYOD too.

  • karenkns

    $80 for 300 min & 1 Gig? Wouldn’t Roam like Home on Rogers cap at $50 be better? Or you can use Roam Mobility that also seems like a better deal.

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  • Andrew English

    Freedom is still the best for roaming in the US. I get 1GB of data, 2400 minutes of talk and free texts with my plan that costs $68 a month (includes Canadian Roaming, and local stuff too).

  • Akbar khan

    It is shame all big company like Telus,Rogers,bell they make hard for customer ,as well small company to bring better offer,in Ontario Quebec competition is open best better offer 25.00 to 30.00 dollar unlimited Canada calls plus data unlimited plan ,it is shame in BC company Rob’s customer blindly cut throat overloading expense to customer , internet makes all cumunication computer smart easy fast less expensive,know Internet best offer 25.00 unlimited high speed data plan.bc needs more better company .

  • ArclightX

    Or, you can follow the many “how to’s” on the web to port your local # to a Koodo SK market plan that gives you unlimited CDN calling, unlimited US/CDN texting and 5Gigs of data for $48/mo.

    Want to affordably roam in the US? Here’s what to do!

    Step 1: Find that funny little tool that came with your smartphone and use it to remove your local SIM card.

    Step 2: once you arrive in the US visit your nearest Walmart and purchase the T-Mobile 5Gig/Unlimited Texting/100minute per month plan for $30.

  • tvguy

    These prices are insane. Phone plans are getting more and more expensive. The best thing to do is to buy your own phone and remain on grandfathered plans (don’t purchase subsidized phones and be forced onto these new plans). Some of these plans are actually laughable w/ 300 local minutes. Didn’t the whole “local minutes” concept die out several years ago in favour of unlimited nationwide calling and text — why bring it back? What we really need in Canada are unlimited data plans — these have been available in the US for quite some time.