Pokémon Go has been downloaded 650 million times since launch

Photo of Pokemon Go on an iPhone

Despite what those who say, “are people still playing that stupid Pokémon Go game?” may think, Nintendo, Niantic and the Pokémon Company’s Android and iOS augmented reality mobile title is still going strong.

During Google Developer Day 2017 at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC), Niantic announced that Pokémon Go has been downloaded over 650 million times. Back in early September Niantic revealed that the game racked up over 500 million downloads, less than two months after its official launch.

While the Pokémon Go’s download pace has slowed considerably since the height of its rampant popularity, 150 million new downloads is still a sizeable number.

During a Developer Day presentation, Niantic chief technology officer Phil Keslin revealed plans to continue pushing out new content to Pokémon Go on a regular basis. Just a few weeks ago, Niantic added 80 second-generation Pokémon Gold and Silver Pocket Monsters to Pokémon Go, the most sizable update to the mobile title since its launch.

Keslin also revealed other interesting stats about the game, including the fact that Pokémon Go players have walked approximately 8.7 billion kilometres while playing Pokémon Go since the game’s launch. To put this in perspective, Keslin says this distance is just short of the distance between earth and Pluto.

Source: Google