Toronto City Councillor and ‘6Dad’ Norm Kelly is fighting with Netflix Canada on Twitter


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  • Do Do

    Not a fan of either party involved. Netflix Canada sucks completely. If you’re in fact looking for a movie and not some tv series, it’s complete garbage. Norm however, should be ragging on whatever laws block Netflix from providing the same content up here as they do in the U.S.

    • Jason

      It’s not any laws blocking content or Netflix blocking them, it’s Sony, Paramount, Fox, etc. Netflix has to get licenses for all its programs in all counties and for whatever reason publishers rarely let things leave the USA. It’s the same reason why things leave, the license expires and it either costs to much to renew or didn’t get many views.

    • Do Do

      When netflix came up here I remember complaining that there was nothing to watch. I recall everyone saying that it had something to do with the laws requiring them to have a minimum percentage of Canadian content and certain percentage of that had to be French. So, in order to stay within the ratio, we don’t get the same amount of content as the U.S. Now I don’t know if that’s all still true but that’s what was written some where (maybe here) around 2010…ish. I haven’t been with them since about a year after they started but it sounds like nothing has changed.

    • it’s called being Canadian and protecting Canadian rights. Because if you let huge players like that into Canada then why would anyone watch Canadian content? to use an analogy It’s like USA is Facebook and Canada won’t allow Facebook in Canada so that Canadian startups could create their own Facebook. It gives Canadian startups a chance to get a foot up and get a foot hold. If there were no FCC rules about this Facebook would just walk in and gobble up everything that is remotely good and they will have an unstoppable Monopoly! The rules allow for a fair playing field so they say!!

    • Do Do

      Canadian rights? LOL, ok, well Thanks for clearing that up.

    • Well if you were a Canadian film maker do you think anyone would give you the time of day to make a movie let alone get people to watch it? Everyone has to start some where and Ina world of Sony Pictures and Paramount Pictures how are you supposed to compete? It’s like your first job, everyone wants experience but you need your first job and it’s a chicken egg situation. So content producers in Canada can get a leg up only because the FCC does not open the dam wide open to have Canada fludded with American content. Not saying I agree with it but it’s the reasoning behind it.

    • Do Do

      Well this “Canadian” couldn’t care less about poor quality Canadian content and the government trying to force feed the issue doesn’t help Canadian film makers IMO, it simply take my $ out of the economy because I’m going to find alternative ways to watch what I want in an affordable way. When you bring up Canadian rights, try to remember the “Canadians” that don’t agree with you, what about their right? I can’t think of a single person I know that has ever expressed the feelings you do. I sure don’t. I work hard for my money and when I’m not working I want to watch whatever I want, legally or otherwise, paid or free.

      As a Canadian, you should start using the acronym CRTC and as a Canadian, you should figure out that they’re probably the biggest waste of time we have in Canada, the do absolutely nothing to help Canadians in any meaningful way, certainly not Canadian consumers.

      Lastly, if they really want to help Canadian film makers then they with some cleverly formulated tax through services like Netflix, NOT by blocking anything. I’d pay a little more to watch what I want but if you’re just going to block me, in today’s age, I’ll just get for free, and nobody gets my money. Governing like that is sadly the Canadian way.

    • JoMore

      Hey dodo everyone has the right to an opinion but do you realize how ignorant and childish you sound in your rants?
      In another post you say you don’t pay for cable because it’s too expensive. Here you say you haven’t paid for netflix since 2011 and you say “I want to watch whatever I want, legally or otherwise, paid or free” cause you watch content for free on an android box, then say “I’d pay a little more to watch what I want.”
      What’s a little more than $0?
      PS you keep differentiating “Canadians” and complaining about the governing.. no one is keeping you here. You can go somewhere else if you don’t like it here.

    • Do Do

      So everyone has a right to an opinion as long as they agree with your opinion. You’re a complete dumbdumb. This is the kind of idiotic statements made by snowflakes that have been over indulged by parents. I’m guessing you’re another one of those snowflakes that got a lot of participation awards.

      Show me where I say I don’t pay for cable. I actually pay over $100 for my cable.
      I haven’t paid for netflix since probably 2011. Did I stutter? and I’ll watch whatever I want legally or otherwise, that’s true, paid or free, YES I use and android box because, you ignorant twit, you can’t get the content you want up here because it’s blocked. So try to follow, I pay for what I can and stream what I can’t AND I’m considering having a friend send me a receiver from the U.S. and subbing from Dish through them. Ok?

      As far as keeping me here, Why don’t you leave snowflake? It’s Canadians like you that cause the government to think we’re ALL pushovers, well we all aren’t. Cupeesh?

    • JoMore

      Resorting to name calling and Ad hominem attacks like a child throwing a tantrum… Does anyone take you seriously with that kind of inane response?

    • Do Do

      dumbdumb, I understand referring to someone as ignorant is foreplay for some people but if you imagined my response would be different when you write the way you did, you’re more ignorant than the other dumbdumb that STARTED the name calling.

    • JoMore

      Listen since you didn’t address a single point I realized you are an actual child and you think being called out for being ignorant is the same as repeated insults from someone who got butt-hurt about being called out.

      Now stop crying, focus, and get back on the horse. You can do it.

    • Do Do

      Work on your reading and comprehension, I addressed every one, I’m still waiting for you to point out where I wrote I don’t pay for cable dumbdumb

      Also, I couldn’t care less how you take me, YOU responded to my post. Maybe you should make note of the exchange between myself and “Caspan”. We were able to express our opinion without insulting. You had to be insulting, then like a snowflake whine about how you were wounded when someone decided to give some back. Pathetic

    • JoMore

      Your replies are the reason I can’t actually converse with you. I said you sound ignorant and childish in your rants. That’s not hard to see if you actually read back your rants. That’s how it comes across.
      I didn’t attack you as a person in any way. Then you immediately get angry and start tossing around insults LIKE A CHILD.
      I don’t debate infants.

    • Do Do

      No no, thats exactly how you describe someone when you’re trying to converse with someone. It’s astonishing to me that people like you are able to get through your day. I’m guessing you don’t have to deal with people face to face in an equal standing too often.

      So, where did I write I don’t pay for cable…dumbdumb. Still working on that reading and comprehension?

    • @dodo based on what he said what do you pay for when it comes to consuming media? I personally use Netflix only and Google Movies when I want a movie. The only time I steal a movie is when movie houses decide to only let people buy a movie and not rent it. Give me the ability to rent it or else you’ll lose all my money, when they do this I feel like it is a cash grab for one last month before its allows to be rented. I get your emotions on it also that if it’s out there let me pay for it and of you won’t I will steal it. Sad thing is most people have the option to pay for all this content but sadly they steal it anyways because why would you pay for it when you can get it for free really!

      Anyways hopefully this will be like the old MP3 wars where you had to buy an entire album and because they gave us no other choice Napster was created and forced the music industry to do what that consumer wanted and now streaming services. But BTW ask how much money a musician makes now unless you are a giant you barily make a living and that music we wanted so much is now almost non existent and is full of junk producers because they could care less because they don’t make money and motivation to do things go down when you don’t get much money..

    • Do Do

      “based on what he said what do you pay for when it comes to consuming media?”

      I’m not sure what you mean by “based on what he said” but just for my own account, I’m probably paying over 3k a year, all in. If you want to include all accounts, probably 4-5k a year. I’m also getting content now through Amazon prime perk but when I checked there wasn’t much there yet. Haven’t checked back since.

      So yes, exactly my point. Blocking me only means nobody gets my money. Not that I won’t get the content. Example, soccer, If you’re an international soccer fan good luck getting content you want unless you’re only a Premiership fan. I don’t agree with you that it’s “stealing” if it’s not available to buy in the first place.

      I remember the napster war and I remember calling in to a radio station and warning a guest about what would happen, and what I thought would happen, happened. Although I think it’s sad what’s happened to the income of most musicians I also think it’s better for consumers in a way. No more over paying for a $30 (a lot back then) garbage album to get 1 or 2 nice songs but also includes a bunch of garbage filler songs. When I brought this up on the radio, the dj didn’t agree with me but the record guy reluctantly did agree and admitted I was right. This is a big part of why people wanted more control over their content back then, of course getting free stuff was another reason but control over paying for what you get was a big part and feeling ripped off. If I’m being honest though, I think the movie industry deserves a bit of a beat down.

    • sorry I meant the guy that said you cancels your cable etc..

      Great points.. but let me as you this are we not killing the things we really want in the long run?

    • Do Do

      Well if we suck the industry dry and some how we could magically get things free entirely, yup, it will kill the industry, if they want to get smart like the music industry should have then it can work itself out. I don’t have the answers but I think they’re out there. For example, I don’t know how you could do it technically or if you could but I’ve always thought if they figured out how to release movies to homes by working with cable providers, they could make more money than what they do by making people go to the theatre. After a long busy week, my wife and I often don’t bother going to see a movie because we’re tired, prepping to go see the movies takes almost as long almost as long as the length of the movie and we often wish we could just pay to watch it at home. Now how could this work? I don’t know but I’d love to listen to ideas. I remember a couple of years ago someone suggested it could be done with smart technology if you have a camera in your home facing you that could see how many people are actually in the room watching. It sounds out there but it’s an idea, anyway I’m digressing.

      Yes, it could ruin the industry if it’s handled poorly and blocking content is handling it poorly imo, movies mostly suck these days anyway with the over the top “inclusiveness”, often I’m enjoying movies nobody has ever heard of from the uk.

    • I so agree, ill pay the same amount to watch a movie at home or a few bucks less because i am not paying for the theater! I would rather watch it at home.. Not to mention gauging of food prices at the theater, the kids and I go to the Dollar store first before we go to the theater. If they had normal priced food that would be fine but there is no need to charge what they do for food other then they make the rules its their house, which they are allowed to do. But i will also make a choice and sneak in food and you will get 0$ from me! If you made your food prices reasonable i would buy it no issues form it and you could make your money! Greed, way too much greed!

    • Do Do

      Another thing, dumbdumb, what are the chances that we could have had a “debate” about the TOPIC if you hadn’t felt compelled to insult?

      So don’t pretend this was ever about “debating” or “conversing” about anything, this was always about you, a snowflake attacking someone you don’t agree with. Period

      You just can’t handle when you get it BACK. If you don’t like to be insulted, don’t start the insults. Try to follow. Stay on topic, referring to someone as ignorant and childish is insulting. Expect a negative reaction when you do that. Also using innuendo to make a negative comments about someone you don’t agree with is insulting. Maybe you’re the child here, this would also explain why you made false statements about what I’ve written.

    • @dodo fair enough but unless you are a film maker you can’t give those rights away for them so they can make a living. But I do get your point that if they don’t do it you’ll steal it. Those are your morals and if you’re okay doing it then please do just know you are hurting film makers on their side now also and now film makers on our side. If we want more good content to watch we need more producers and they only way we can get more good producers is people have to start somewhere. So your solution works for you but it does not create a environment to allow more to be reduced. Your attitude is me first and I’ll consume what I want with put care about 10 years from now or 20 or 30. Again I am not saying I agree with it but it’s why they do it!

      And sorry CRTC complete brain fart there saying FCC. See how easy it is to get American news and Canadian new mixed up, I wonder why that is 🙂 Or I am just an i***t some days!

    • Unorthodox

      The content must deserve being watched, it should not be shoved in our throats. TVO Kids is on 7am-7pm on my home TV, because the content is great. Mostly fresh from local market. What prevents CBC, CTV, CityTV from producing decent content? Greed – it’s cheaper for them to throw money and buy a US show than make their own.

    • Unorthodox

    • Jon Duke

      Actually, these laws don’t apply to Netflix. You should read the article, on MobileSyrup, called Explaining the Netflix tax.

    • Jason

      If it’s a Canadian company then it needs 33% Canadian content but since Netflix is American with no Canadian servers they don’t fall under the Canadian content, however they have said in the coming months/years they will have a number of Canadian programs

    • Blake Cousins

      Licensing and distribution agreements from the studios is different, depending on region.

    • Shogun

      Wow…Tell us how you really feel man. Look, there is lots of good stuff to watch on Netflix if you’re willing to spend a little time and break it down by genre be it drama, thriller, foreign or whatever. I’ve watched lots of really good stuff and while U.S. Netflix offers more choice, the gap has narrowed considerably from what it once was. There will always be complainers and Norm Kelly is just an old fart with too much time on his hands talking shjt going on about taking 14 hours to find something to watch. If anything that makes him sound incredible dumb which really I have no doubt he is.

    • Do Do

      As I said, I used to use it and based on what I just read, it doesn’t seem to have changed if Norm’s complaints are indicative. It’s not about breaking down to anything, I should be able to simply do a string search for whatever and find it. When I had it, I couldn’t find 9/10 movies that I looked for were apparently available in the U.S. It didn’t matter who’s fault it was, but I wasn’t going to continue paying for a service that provided me nothing of value. Remember also, back then there was very little in TV series to watch, which is apparently what a lot of people use it for now. Again, that’s no value to me.

    • Shogun

      Kelly and you are the ONLY people I’ve ever heard complain about the ability to search on Netflix. Others don’t seem to have that problem and neither have I in the 3 years I’ve used it. These are first world problems and frankly Norm has bigger responsibilities to worry about as an elected official, the least of which are his personal ability to find something to watch on Netflix. The real story here is not some search algorithm but how a lazy, entitled public official like this who has been feeding off the public teat for nearly four decades has nothing better to do than complain about something as innocuous as this in such a public fashion while obviously taking it for granted he can continue to get elected to office while doing bugger all.
      This isn’t the first time this old SOB has gotten into Twitter spats either and I doubt it’ll be the last.

    • Do Do

      “Kelly and you are the ONLY people I’ve ever heard complain about the ability to search on Netflix.”

      LOL, searching isn’t the problem at all, the problem I had, the problem people I know have, the problem I still read about whenever the topic of netflix in Canada comes up is *finding* what someone is looking for or more to the point, finding what U.S. netflix users are able to find. There’s a reason Canadians were using vpn’s and other methods in order to *find* what they were looking for.

      “and frankly Norm has bigger responsibilities to worry about as an elected official…..”

      You’re not going to get an argument from me about him and the rest of them and ya, there should be term limits for councillors, as you suggested.

    • Shogun

      Then what you’re arguing about is content and that has nothing to do with any of this. The method of finding programs on U.S. Netflix is the same as in Canada but if licensing of content is the complaint there isn’t much that Netflix can do that the various studios will or will not permit.
      Why do you think they got more aggressive with VPN and proxy usage making it harder for people to use the American version? I occasionally use my VPN to access select programs available only down south but there isn’t much in the movie line up anymore that I haven’t seen already or that compels me to use that version anymore than whats in Canada.
      Either way, to read what that old fart posted on Twitter is just the musings of a man who has waaaay too much time on his hands, seems to enjoy the publicity for its sake alone and doesn’t appear very tech savvy in order to find work-arounds for the gripes he’s ranting on about.

    • Unorthodox

      Movie or a show – no matter. You can never find anything you want there. How is it there’s no Home Alone? How is it there is no Everybody Loves Raymond? I do like some of their Originals but when I want to find something specific, it’s not there.

  • Hello Moto ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Looks like politicians have nothing better to do these days. Pathetic.

  • Niorm Kelly has the best job in Canada. An easy 6 figures and all he is known for is Twitter ranting. He is the Canadian Perez Hilton

  • Shogun

    Kelly is an îdiot and a good example of the need for term limits.

  • Ipse

    Wow…heated debate, but it kind of derails from the point : one DOES have to spend A LOT of time searching (especially if you had Netflix for 5 years like me) and yes, the recommendations suck derierre (despite religiously rating movies and completing the preferences quiz).

    At the same time, I can’t stop to notice Netflix adopting a condescending tone towards a customer (let’s forget for a moment who he is) and I certainly would not appreciate the replies.
    În the end, this is a paying subscriber entitled to his opinion and the company providing the service should treat him as such.

    What would you say if this exchange happened between you and Robellus?

    PS. For the record, I never heard of this dude before and I am a Netflix subscriber.